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NARS Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette, Review

NARS Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Ever since I posted my NARS Climax Extreme Volume Mascara review last week, I got literally bombarded with questions about the palette I used as a prop in that same picture. Your wish is my command! Today's post is dedicated to this limited-edition palette that so many of you wanted to know more about.

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About the Product

NARS Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette (59 USD; Made in Italy) - is a limited edition 12-pan eyeshadow palette that offers three finishes (matte, shimmer and metallic).


It is currently available for $29 on NARS website, so if you are in the US, I would recommend getting it directly from the brand to save 50%; other US (and international) retailers sell it for $59.

Packaging: true to NARS style, this palette comes in a unique, ribbed, soft-matte packaging that might get quite "finger-printy" over time (personally I don't mind it). Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette has a stunning, high-quality mirror and good size/weight to it, making it ideal for on the go or traveling. You get 0.04 oz / 1.4g of product per pan, which is a bit more than what you typically see in their other palettes.

NARS Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette Review

Formula, Texture: now, I have to admit that I haven't tried every single thing that the brand released in the past, but from my experience - Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette feels quite different compared to a few other NARS palettes I already own. Shadows here are very smooth to the touch, borderline silky (especially mattes) and impressively pigmented. Their "old" mattes were good, but reasonably drier and on a sheer(ish) side (so you would need more time building them up), whereas the new ones are incredibly punchy and finely milled. This also means that you will get more kick up with your brush, so be mindful of that (i.e. tap off the excess).

Since I love applying metallic or shimmery shadows with my fingertips, I have also noticed that these eyeshadows are prone to developing what is known as a "hardpan" over time (hardened film on top of a powder that makes it difficult to pick up product). You can easily fix it by gently pressing a wall-safe tape on top of it - a great tip I learned from Popsugar (except they used a different kind of tape).

Colors: while I am convinced that most of us own shades like these, if you are on a hunt for a new neutral/warm toned palette - you might enjoy this color story. Although all shades perform beautifully, a black color here called Uncensored Black is unfortunately a let-down. It is the only shadow in Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette that has an uneven texture and pigment, resulting in fallout. I know it is difficult to formulate a black eyeshadow, so hopefully NARS will come up with a better option next time.

A standout pressed glitter shade called Staredown is quite similar to the ones you get in Charlotte Tilbury palettes (more subdued yet stunning with a bit of sheen to it).

As always all of my swatches are raw, unedited and shot in natural daylight

Application: these shadows are a pleasure to work with (blendability is superb). I usually skip the black shade, but remaining colors are top quality.

Wear: these shadows last well up to 6-8 hours with minimal fading. I do recommend using an eye primer to get ultimate results. Unlike most reds, shade called All The Way does not leave a stain behind, which is a great thing in my book.


If you have always loved NARS shadows, you might fall in love with this palette. Minus one shade, it performs like a charm and even brighter tones are very wearable. So at this point the only question is whether you like this color story or not. Although I own a lot of palettes, there are a few shades in here that are unique or, in case with mattes, really well formulated compared to what the brand would release in the past (something I want to see more of in the future). I give this palette solid B+

P.S. If you can, definitely get Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette on the brand's website for $29 before it sells out.

What do you guys think about this palette? Let's chat some more in the comments!

More online: (USA) (Middle East)

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