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NARS Climax Extreme Volume Mascara, Review

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara & Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette Review

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In today's post we will be diving into the seductive world of NARS Cosmetics with one of the brand's recent releases: Climax Extreme Volume Mascara. This is a newly formulated product, so let's see how it performs.

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My Lashes: long, semi-lifted, but could use more volume; I do use a lash comb with most of my mascaras

NARS Climax Extreme Volume Mascara Review

About the Product

NARS Climax Extreme Volume Mascara (24 USD; Made in Canada) - is described as "an innovative mascara" that gives extreme volume, pigment and long-lasting performance. Available in one shade (Uncensored Black).

Packaging: if you are experiencing a packaging déjà vu, it should not surprise you. Climax Extreme is merely a kinky step-sister of the original Climax mascara by NARS that was launched a few years ago. It comes in a ribbed, satin-black tube with a medium-sized wand. The brush itself has soft, "classic mascara" bristles. Personally speaking, I do like this "baddie" design and think that the brand did a great job as far as product's practicality is concerned.

Formula: Climax Extreme has a creamy texture (neither overly liquidy nor dry). Scent-free. This formula is not waterproof and is best removed with oil-based eye cleansers.


Application: I find this mascara to be quite user-friendly; when using a brand new tube of Climax Extreme please be mindful of its creamy nature. You need to give it a chance to set so it doesn't smudge while drying. I am glad that NARS decided to opt for softer, classic bristles (as opposed to spiky plastic ones) as they are much easier to work with. At the same time a brush like this might pick up more product than needed, so if necessary, make sure to scrape off the excess before coating your lashes.

You can layer Climax Extreme and, depending on your lashes, you might get a few clumps after a second coat. In case with NARS it is not a massive deal-breaker as you can easily brush through your lashes with a lash comb to add separation and remove clumps. Lash comb by Real Techniques is my absolute favorite and also the one I would recommend.

Wear: this mascara does need a couple of seconds to fully dry down and once it sets, it feels pretty weightless and comfortable throughout the day. I have sensitive eyes and it does not bother me. Whenever I tested it, sometimes for 8-10 hours, it did not flake or smudge.

Results: pitch black, lifted lashes with an added volume. I am actually surprised at the curl Climax Extreme gives me. Adding a few extra points just for that!

NARS Climax Extreme Mascara Review


When it comes to mascara, one size will never fit all. We all have different lashes to begin with, so unless X formula is an absolute nightmare, there will always be people either praising or criticizing the same product.

As for my experience with NARS Climax Extreme Volume Mascara - I quite like it. I always look for a good volumizing mascara that wears well throughout the day and does not flake or smudge and this one does it all for me. Although it did not replace my absolute favorites, it is still up there among some of the nicest mascaras I have reviewed on this website (and those of you, who read my Battle of The Mascaras posts know exactly how cut-throat I can be). I give it B+

If you look for a long-wearing, non-waterproof, vegan and (noticeably) volumizing mascara - you might really like this one. The thicker your lashes are naturally, the more intense it will look.

However, if you have fine lashes (that can get easily weighted down) and want more of a natural, wispy lash look - then you might want to consider other alternatives (I have tried a lot and will link my reviews below).

What do you guys think about this new mascara? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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