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Battle Of The Mascaras: Best & Worst, Aug 2020

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May the best mascara win


It has been exactly one year [and one month] since my article titled Battle Of The Mascaras: Best & Worst, July 2019 went live. Many of you guys loved it and found it extremely helpful, which is why I have decided to turn my "mascara massacres" posts into a mini, yearly tradition. It took me precisely a year to test 10 mascaras (either new to me or new in general).

Curious? Then please keep on scrolling!


Disclaimer: mascara is that one makeup item that I am very blunt and vocal about; there are no grey areas for me - I either love or hate it. We all have different lashes to begin with, so please be open-minded and understand that even if I do not like something, it doesn't mean that it won't be right for you or someone else (unless it is absolutely wack)

My Lashes: long, semi-lifted, yet not very voluminous. My eyes are sensitive. I do use a lash separator with most of my mascaras

Ideal Mascara: defines each individual lash, adds volume and sophisticated drama, without looking clumpy/spidery or feeling heavy/dry

The Worst

I mean... someone had to say it

Too Faced Damn Girl! 24 Hour Mascara (25 USD; Made in Canada) - daaaamn, this is bad. The only good thing about this mascara is that it doesn't have a sex-related name to it, which is something the brand has been shoving down our throats (okay, maybe I am getting a little bit graphic here) for the last four years. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude (more like a sailor of my family). But even I am sick of brands trying to overcompensate for the lack of quality by giving their mascaras these obscene names and descriptions.

I also don't understand why Too Faced decided it was a good idea to go with a wand that is larger than average person's eyes? This brush is so chubby and fat, it is actually a tiny bit smaller than my thumb. I do not know how far you have to tilt your head back in order to avoid smudging it all over your eyes.

Turn Offs: this entire concept is a turn off. You are basically paying for clumps, flakes, 24-hour smudges and false advertisement. The only comforting thought is that now I can finally toss it into the trash.


Tarte Big Ego Mascara (23 USD; Made in Italy) - not sure what is going on with Tarte at the moment, but I can't remember the last time they launched something worth talking about. Although I have enjoyed some of their mascaras in the past, this one is a total snooze. It literally does nothing. It flakes, feels drying and doesn't really do much in terms of volume. Plus if you decide to wear it, you will have a higher chance of seeing racoon in your mirror's reflection than one roaming around the backyard.

Turn Offs: although this neon pink hurts my eyes, it doesn't hurt me to say that this mascara is plain awful and I would not recommend it to anyone. Not even your nemesis.

The Could Be Good But...

...they just didn't work

Sephora Outrageous Oversized Lashes Mascara (N/A; Made in Italy) - conveniently discontinued in 2020, this was one of the disappointing products from the Sephora Brand itself. Although most of their products have friendly, drugstore price tags and okay formulas - this mascara is really not worth your time or money. It is not nearly as bad as the other two we just chatted about, but it is also not the one to write home about.

Turn Offs: I feel like it only made my lashes darker and that's it. No "outrageous" volume, not even under a microscope. Even if you see it at your local Sephora for like 1 dollar, keep on walking.


Lóreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara (10 USD; Made in USA) - was a random purchase, mainly because I was intrigued by this mascara's intricately designed wand. The only positive thing about this product was that, unlike most mascaras, these tiny little plastic bristles managed to get real close to the roots of my lashes, coating them all the way from bottom to top. Aside from that, application was time consuming (too many clumps!) and the final result didn't wow me all that much. As a matter of fact Urban Decay just launched a high-end doppelgänger version of this same mascara called Lash Freak (FYI the brand belongs to Lóreal) and from what I have noticed most people had similar complaints.