Battle Of The Mascaras: Best & Worst, Aug 2020

mascara reviews

May the best mascara win


It has been exactly one year [and one month] since my article titled Battle Of The Mascaras: Best & Worst, July 2019 went live. Many of you guys loved it and found it extremely helpful, which is why I have decided to turn my "mascara massacres" posts into a mini, yearly tradition. It took me precisely a year to test 10 mascaras (either new to me or new in general).

Curious? Then please keep on scrolling!

Disclaimer: mascara is that one makeup item that I am very blunt and vocal about; there are no grey areas for me - I either love or hate it. We all have different lashes to begin with, so please be open-minded and understand that even if I do not like something, it doesn't mean that it won't be right for you or someone else (unless it is absolutely wack)

My Lashes: long, semi-lifted, yet not very voluminous. My eyes are sensitive. I do use a lash separator with most of my mascaras

Ideal Mascara: defines each individual lash, adds volume and sophisticated drama, without looking clumpy/spidery or feeling heavy/dry