SOS Skincare Gems You Should Know About

sos must-have skincare

Whenever you're ready to hit that SOS beauty button, these little guys will save the day. I have selected my absolute crème de la crème, tried and true, must-have skincare saviours, which I always reach out for in case of emergency. Hope you discover something new today and other than that, just keep on scrolling!

When You Break Out

eminence soothing chamomile tonique review

One valuable skincare lesson I've learned over time is: prevention is better than cure. Although my skin is dry, I still get those dreadful "blind" pimples, which are a pain in the back to deal with.

You might remember me talk about Eminence Soothing Chamomile Tonique a few months back (read here); now that I've been using it religiously for several months, I want to say that this stuff is amazing for both: exfoliating and clearing.

This toner is a mix of glycolic and lactic acids, that are slightly dissolved by a mix of chamomile, licorice, aloe and many other wonderful organic herbs. It does tingle a bit on the skin (as most exfoliating acids do), but causes no irritation. If you are afraid of actual exfoliating serums, starting with a toner like this could be a nice baby step. You can see instant results right the next day: skin appears clearer, brighter and spots are reduced in size (they are also not as painful and red).

I use this toner at least twice a week to keep breakouts at bay and couldn't recommend it enough. Suitable for all skin types.

When Your Skin Is Upset