Hourglass Holiday Palettes '17

hourglass ambient lighting edit palette metallic strobe lighting palette review

Some of you guys might have seen a little 'teaser' on my Insta-Stories yesterday and the dramatic zoom/sound effect aside - I am pretty excited to share this review with you all. We're finally going to talk about Hourglass limited edition 2017 holiday palettes, including: Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 Palette and Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette. So, buckle up and let's roll!


As you might remember from my previous posts (where I was reviewing the brand's blushes, bronzers or powders) - I really love Hourglass. Their "Ambient" range in particular is my absolute go-to and somewhat hefty price tags aside, I believe the quality is totally worth it. Now, I never really bought any of their previous holiday palettes (yet it is all I see on my Instagram feed 365 days a year) but I get why everyone is so in love - these Ambient palettes are truly heavenly and you won't really grasp that until you get one for yourself.

hourglass ambient metallic strobe lighting palette review

This year, I was lucky enough to visit my sanctuary - Sephora on Powell Street in San Francisco and, as you probably guessed, a little haul happened. I bought both 2017 holiday palettes and here is what I think about them.

Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3

Hourglass release a new 5-6 pan travel palette every year and these bad boys sell like hot cakes. You do get a nice variety of the brand's powders, which can be used for a plethora of things (set, illuminate, bronze, blush etc.). When I look back at the two previous Ambient Lighting Palettes though, I somehow feel that the shade selection looked a bit too"wishy-washy" for my liking. I also was not sure whether those colours would show up on someone with a medium-deep skin tone, if you know what I mean.