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THE LAB Prebiotic-Cera Liquid and Prebiotic-Cera Cream, Review

The Lab by blanc doux Review

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On my quest to find more hidden K-Beauty gems, I was introduced to the brand called THE LAB by blanc deux. I was intrigued by the Prebiotic-Cera line because my sensitive skin happens to love products with ceramides and probiotics. In today’s review, we will chat about a couple of things I have been testing.

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My Skin: dry, sensitive

Products: Cruelty-free🐇 Vegan-friendly🌱

The Essence-Toner

THE LAB by blanc deux Prebiotic-Cera Liquid (26 USD; Made in Korea) – is described as a unique essence-toner hybrid that improves your skin’s microbiome and barrier, all while keeping it smooth and hydrated.

Similar to most K-Beauty brands, this packaging feels quite minimalistic yet durable. You get a generous 210 ml/7.1 fl. oz. of product. The Prebiotic-Cera Liquid is on a creamy (not liquidy) side, so at times you might need to shake the bottle well in order tLactobacillus (Probiotics)

Prebiotic-Cera Liquid contains a plethora of nourishing ingredients that improve the health and look of your skin. This is a water-based formula rich in Mango Seed Butter and Glycerin. You also get five types of Ceramides that restore skin’s natural barrier; Lactobacillus(Probiotics) that strengthen defense mechanisms and help reduce redness and irritation; Indian Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) that improves elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

The Lab by blanc doux Prebiotic-Cera Liquid Review

This product does have a faint “clean” scent that dissipates as soon as the liquid gets absorbed and a creamy texture that glides easily on the skin.

Prebiotic-Cera Liquid can be used as part of both: your AM and PM routines. Pour out as much product as you need and press it gently all over the face and neck. I typically avoid using cotton pads, as they waste the product. Hands are your best friends when it comes to applying K-Beauty toners in my opinion.

Irritated, dry skin calms down and feels plump/smooth to the touch.

final thoughts

My skin is loving the Prebiotic-Cera Liquid. It embodies exactly what I look for in a toner – applies with ease, feels instantly soothing, and keeps skin hydrated all day long. I am a big believer in toners and essences. I find that they make the biggest difference for my dry/sensitive skin - it gets clearer and more balanced whenever I use them religiously as part of my skincare regimen. This formula creates a perfect occlusive layer for serums and moisturizers and is a joy to use. I believe it should work for all skin types, especially for those on a drier side. I give it an A.

The Moisturizer

The Lab by blanc doux Prebiotic-Cera Cream Review

THE LAB by blanc deux Prebiotic-Cera Cream (33 USD; Made in Korea) – is described as a nutrient-rich cream that supports your skin’s barrier, microbiome and improves its health and appearance over time.

The look of this product is quite simple, yet straight to the point. You get 50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz. which is a standard amount for a moisturizer. The key ingredients here are identical to those of the Prebiotic-Cera Liquid (discussed above), specifically Ceramides, Probiotics, and a unique fermentation technology that facilitates the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

This product is not fragranced but has a faint “skincare” scent to it, identical to that of the essence-toner. What I like the most about the Prebiotic-Cera Cream is its gel-cream texture, which is quite lightweight yet hydrating enough to last throughout the day. Skin feels bouncy and plump (never greasy or sticky). I prefer to use it in the morning, as it feels like a very much-needed glass of water for the face and neck.

final thoughts

Prebiotic-Cera Cream and Prebiotic-Cera Liquid are a match made in heaven. I love using both products together, as they compliment my routine perfectly. But even on its own, Prebiotic-Cera Cream is a beautiful, reliable formula for those that want to and improve their skin barrier. I think it will work best for normal, combination, and dry skin types. If you are either oily or very dry, you might want to consider other options. Overall, I am enjoying every moment of using this lovely product hence I give it an A.

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25 de mar. de 2022

Great review, Naya! Beautiful photos, and I would love to try those products because my skin type is similar to yours:) Love your illustration, too<3



23 de mar. de 2022


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