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Spectrum Collections KJH Makeup Brushes, Review

Spectrum Collections KJH Makeup Brushes Review

time for some brush talk


If you are into makeup, then you must have heard or seen videos of Katie Jane Hughes. Katie is a celebrity makeup artist residing in New York City. She posts a ton of helpful beauty content and quick tutorials on her Instagram and about a year ago she launched a brush collection with Spectrum Collections. In this post, we are going to discuss her 25 Brush Set (which pretty much includes them all).

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About the Product

This Spectrum Collection collaboration includes several different sets, where you choose anywhere between two to twenty-five brushes. The one you see in the video above is the complete 25 Brush Set (192 USD; Made in China) which includes a mini towel and vegan leather travel/storing case.

As you can tell from the Instagram Reel, this set is quite beautifully designed. Bristles are soft synthetic, and signature olive handles are made with sustainable wood. Gold-colored ferrules add a touch of luxury, which makes the whole collection stand out.

In the collection, you get a good number of eye and face brushes. There are quite a few detailed eye brushes for precise work around the lid (or face) area. Every single tool is numbered, not labeled, so you can easily decide what you want to use each brush for. Remember, YOU are the artist here.

These Spectrum Collection KJH Brushes feel quite high-end and are easy to maneuver. They keep their shape well after washing but might get stained a bit depending on what makeup products you use them with.

Face Brushes

You might notice that bristles on most brushes are on the long side, specifically complexion brushes, which makes the application quite airy and watercolor-y. Most of the face brushes are not dense (compared to traditional kabuki for example), so it almost feels as if you are adding fine strokes to gently buff the product, for an effortless airbrushed makeup look as opposed to something full coverage. You don't have as much grip on them as you would have on a brush with shorter bristles. Now, depending on your makeup style, you will either love it or find it challenging until you get the hang of it.

I think the Spectrum Collection KJH Brushes face brushes are great for powder products. You do get two duo-fibers which are best for cream formulas. Again, these finer bristles will help you keep things "light-handed" and not heavily applied. You also get two of Katie's favorite 08 brushes, which is appreciated, as they are quite multitaskers.

Spectrum Collections KJH Brushes Review

eye Brushes

To me where the Spectrum Collection KJH collaboration excels are the eye brushes. There are so many unique shapes offered - you get your classics as well as petite accent brushes to create any graphic or detailed looks you can imagine. I really like that Katie added fine pencil-type brushes of various sizes as they let you reach more "nooks and crannies", draw on graphic shapes and create a variety of looks as a whole.

My most used brush is 14, which surprisingly works great as a gel liner brush. On the other hand, even with my experience, brush 24 (long eyeliner brush) is a bit challenging for me because it is a touch flimsy, so it doesn't work that well with heavier gel formulations that I like. But! It might be best with something more watery like a cake liner for example.

who is going to like it

While there are a lot of beginner-friendly shapes here, I would say that generally speaking this collection is more geared toward people that are experienced with makeup as well as professionals. If you are new to makeup and want one of these sets, I would suggest going for the 11 Piece Set, as it has all of your must-haves in it.

Generally speaking, the quality of the brushes is beautiful.

Spectrum Collections KJH Brushes Review


What I found throughout the time that I have been playing with the Spectrum Collection KJH Brushes is that I am rediscovering brush shapes and learning something new along the way. It is nice to have Katie's perspective on what you can achieve with your makeup tools. Although the set is on the pricey side, if you break it down you actually pay around seven dollars per brush which is a fair amount. You might not need every single one of them, which is why it is nice that the brand offers various sets for you to choose from. Might be a matter of want vs. need but I think you will enjoy these brushes either way. I give this launch A.

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