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Natasha Denona Glam Face & Eye Palette, Review

Natasha Denona Glam Face & Eye Palette Review

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We all adore Natasha Denona for her outstanding makeup palettes, and the star of today’s review is no exception. The brand has recently launched two new Glam Face & Eye Palettes, one of which we will be discussing in this post.

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About the Product

Natasha Denona Glam Face & Eye Palette (59 USD; Made in Italy) – is a palette containing five eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter. Available in two color variations to complement various skin tones – Light and Dark.

Packaging: the palette is housed in a sleek rose-gold case, that feels quite portable and slim. You get a magnetic closure, as well as a high-quality mirror, and a plastic lid that separates cream blush from the remaining powder products. Glam Face & Eye Palette looks and feels luxe.

Here is an optical illusion part, although the pan size of each eyeshadow looks similar to Natasha Denona medium-sized palettes, you get less product than in her mini-sized palettes (5 x 0.02 oz/ 0.57 g vs. 5 x 0.028 oz/ 0.8 g). On the other hand, you have a very generous amount of cream blush and highlighter, compared to her other face palettes (0.18 oz/ 5 g and 0.13 oz/ 3.69 g vs. 0.12 oz/ 3.5 g and 0.08 oz/ 2.5 g). Math aside, the value of the Glam Face & Eye Palette is still pretty good compared to what is available within the same price range from other brands.

Palette Version: Light

Formula, Texture: you are working with various finishes and textures in the Glam Face & Eye Palette. For starters, you get Natasha’s never-seen-before glistening eyeshadows (Inner Corner, Outer Corner) that sparkle so beautifully, photos don’t even do them any justice. They feel extra foiled and finely milled. As for the mattes in the palette, they are the brand’s signature buttery smooth, rich, and creamy eyeshadows.

The face highlighter feels a lot creamier, smoother, and more pigmented, compared to the one in her Love Cheek Duo Palette. The cream blush on the contrary has more of a drier texture and needs the warmth of your fingertips to loosen up and melt. It has almost a fabric-like, textured upper layer, but underneath it, you get a smooth yet powdery consistency comparable to the one in the mini Love Cheek Duo Palette.

As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited

Application: Natasha Denona is known for her made-to-perfection, hassle-free eyeshadows and in this regard, the Glam Face & Eye Palette will not disappoint. The mattes layer and blend easily, while the sparkly shades can be applied sheer or mega foiled, depending on the application technique you use.

From my experience fingertips are your best friends when it comes to any sort of pressed sparkly or glittery shadows. You can also spray your brush with a bit of MAC Fix + or use a darker cream base to achieve a light-reflective and wet look.

As for the face products, while the extra beaming highlighter remains incredibly intuitive and easy to layer and blend, the cream blush is the finicky one. It is the black sheep of the palette – a lovely, universally-flattering neutral pink that looks good on light complexions. However, this silicone texture is quite capricious; hard to layer/blend out (compared to everything else in the palette). It can look a bit patchy at times, especially if you apply it with your fingers or brushes. There is a solution though – a dampened makeup sponge (no surprise here, as this is the tool that Natasha uses in her tutorials). Still needs some finesse, but at least it can get you somewhere.

Natasha Denona Glam Face & Eye Palette Review

Wear: both eyeshadows and highlighter have an impressive wear up to 7-8 hours before you notice early signs of graceful fading. The blush gets dewier as the day goes by and disappears quicker, which is what you would expect from a cream product anyway. Overall, I agree that the formulas in the Glam Face & Eye Palette are long-wearing.

I am wearing a mix of eyeshadows, blush and highlighter from the palette (Light) in the photo above


I am happy with the Glam Face & Eye Palette. It might not be a ground-breaking color story, however, it is still the one that most of us reach out for on a daily basis. If there was a cream bronzer in it, it would be "THE ONE" for travels or on the go. This palette is great for both - easy, natural and glam looks (also a perfect color combination for bridal makeup). The new sparkly eyeshadow shades are something I would like to see more of from Natasha Denona. Some cream blush application issues aside, I still think the palette is beautifully executed and give it an A-.

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