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Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencil, Review

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencils Review

what eyeliner dreams are made of


Autumn is here and we are kicking things off with some sultry beauty trends and brand-new product releases. One of them is a stunning collection of eye pencils from the makeup queen herself, Lisa Eldridge. Luckily, I got my hands on all shades, and after a lot of playtime, I am ready to share my thoughts with you guys.

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About the Product

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencils Review

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencil (30 USD/24 GBP; Made in Germany) - is described as a deeply pigmented, silky-smooth, long-wearing gel-kohl eye pencil that is waterproof and fade-resistant. Currently available in six universally flattering shades.

Packaging: sleek, matte black design with gold accents. One thing I love about the Seamless Glide Eye Pencil is the fact that both the cap and blunt end are made of metal, adding a nice "high-end" weight to it. This pencil feels modern and luxurious. You get 1.2 g/ 0.04 oz worth of product, which is a standard amount.

Formula: Lisa Eldridge is not only a fabulous makeup artist, but she also has immense skincare knowledge. This is why it should come as no surprise that even her eye pencils have a skin-loving Chamomile Flower Extract in them to ensure that even after many hours, the delicate eye area still feels hydrated. The Seamless Glide Eye Pencil is suitable for the lids, lash line, and waterline (ophthalmologist tested).

Vegan🌱 Cruelty-free🐇

Shades left to right: Ground Coffee, Burnt Umber, Black Treacle, Cinder Smoke, Night Forest, Renaissance Gold.

Texture: the "gel-kohl" description is pretty accurate. To me, this formula feels like that of a gel liner yet in pencil form. In the years that I have been reviewing makeup products, I have never tried an eye pencil that was this mega-pigmented and creamy. Although finishes vary (from pure mattes to shimmery pearls), all shades are equally smooth and opaque in coverage.

Application: now, this is undeniably the juiciest part of the review. The Seamless Glide Eye Pencil not only glides like butter, giving you a solid intense line right off the bat, but it also almost melts in contact with your skin. You can see a soft sheen when it is freshly applied. This is great news since you have enough playtime to move the product around or smoke it out. If you wish to elongate or intensify the line, you will have no problem with that. This formula layers beautifully (by itself or in combination with liquid, cream, or powder textures). It can also act as a colored base for your eyeshadows or pigments.

With the Seamless Glide Eye Pencil, the staying power is superior compared to that of other eye pencils I have tried before. I use an eyeshadow primer with mine, simply because my lids are a touch oily. If yours are not, you can skip it. For precise work, use a flat or fine eyeliner brush. You can pick up the product straight from the pencil. Once your liner sets, it won't go anywhere.

I would suggest storing your Seamless Glide Eye Pencil far from the daylight and not putting much pressure on the tip as you can accidentally break it.

Swatches (left to right): Ground Coffee, Burnt Umber, Renaissance Gold, Black Treacle, Cinder Smoke, Night Forest.

As always, all of my swatches are unedited.

Wear: it is said that the Seamless Glide Eye Pencil can last up to 16 hours. The longest I have had it on was 12 hours and I must admit that once it sets it stays put. There was no smudging, crumbling, or budging. These eye pencils have survived summer heat and exercise. I experienced no irritation or dryness. In the words of Paul Varjak, "I must say I am amazed".

Shades: Ground Coffee (cool, deep matte brown), Cinder Smoke (cool matte grey), Burnt Umber (warm, medium matte brown), Renaissance Gold (gold with champagne pearl), Night Forest (blackened metallic green), Black Treacle (classic matte black).

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The Seamless Glide Eye Pencil is quite versatile and suitable for beauties of all ages, especially those with sensitive eyes. This multi-tasking formula is creamy enough that it glides on the skin effortlessly, without pulling or stretching the delicate eye area. Truly, possibilities are endless and you are the makeup artist here. This pencil is intuitive, user-friendly, and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Whether you are a makeup professional, enthusiast, or beginner - I have a feeling that you are going to enjoy the newest creation by Lisa Eldridge. It does not matter what kind of liner you prefer (soft, smokey, bold, elongated, or anything in between) the Seamless Glide Eye Pencil will deliver. I love how pigmented, buttery, and long-wearing it is. My eyes are sensitive and for the longest time, I could not wear eyeliner on my waterline. With this formula I can, which is a miracle in itself. Plenty of creative ideas come to mind when I think about these pencils. In my eyes, being inspired by makeup is a true indication of working with an excellent product. My only wish is to see even more beautiful shades down the line (like blues and purples). Having said that, I give this innovative formula an A++ and highly recommend it.

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