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Dyson Airwrap, Review

Dyson Airwrap Review

You like my hair? Gee thanks, it's Dyson


If you stumbled upon this review, you must wonder whether or not Dyson Airwrap is worth your time and money. And you are in luck because I have been using mine for two years now, so I might be able to help you decide.

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My Hair: fine, wavy, unprocessed

About the Tool

Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler (599 USD; Made in China) - is a multi-functional hair styling tool that dries, styles, shapes, and smooths your hair with no extreme heat.


True to the brand's identity, the look and feel of the tool are both modern and ergonomic. You get one wand, six replaceable attachments (which can be purchased separately), and a storing case which I highly recommend keeping closed between uses to protect your Airwrap from the dust. And if your filter gets clogged, you can clean your tool with a small dust brush that comes with the set.


You work with three key controls: to adjust heat settings, and airflow speed, and set your style with the cold shot. An extra button on the back allows you to change attachments with ease.

Now and again, Dyson introduce limited-edition designs of the Airwrap. Other than the color variation, the tool itself remains the same. The design you see in this post is from 2022, Prussian Blue/Rich Copper, which is still available on the brand's website here.


For the best user experience make sure to keep your Airwrap filter clean (to avoid interruptions mid-styling as it will switch off when it is clogged), let the attachments cool down before putting them back inside the storing case, and wipe them off with a soft-fiber cloth to remove any hair product build-up or residue. Some people also wash the attachments; I have never done that.


You can see the state of my Airwrap, after consistent use (3-4 times a week) for two years. I wash my hair almost every other day, so my Dyson is always plugged in and ready for work. All attachments look and feel as good as new. The key controls too work perfectly. Considering I turn my Airwrap on and off multiple times, as I go from one hair section to another, all four buttons are still in great condition.

The suction of the air works the same way it did when my tool was brand new.


Unless you are a professional hair stylist, there will be a learning curve. I remember watching countless tutorials on how to get the best out of my Airwrap, however, ultimately you will have to figure it out on your own. Mainly because we all have different hair types, lengths, cuts, and views on what makes us beautiful. From my experience with Dyson, I spent the first two to three months experimenting with the attachments alone. Initially, it would take me 20 minutes to perfect the look of my hair. Now, it takes me 8 minutes. In short, practice makes perfect and it is okay to get frustrated with the Airwrap at first. Be patient and trust the process.


While I love good drugstore hair styling tools, sadly, they can be damaging over time.

One of the biggest selling points of the Airwrap was that it relied on negative ions in the airflow and controlled temperature rather than applied extreme heat (thus minimizing the static in the hair and damage) which sounded quite advanced compared to other tools. Having said that, the Airwrap still gets hot and I would recommend investing in a good heat protectant. Generally, your styling products are just as important as the Dyson itself.

Feel free to scroll through my Instagram to see what my hair looks like with the Airwrap styling. I do not have a crazy complicated routine, in fact, most days I only use the Firm Smoothing Brush to smooth my hair out and keep the frizz at bay. If I am going out, I might add the Barrels to create defined waves. If I want volume, I go with the Round Volumizing Brush. And if I want a sleek look, I will use the Coanda at the end to tame any flyaways. Another tip - always style your hair when it is damp. Dry hair is a no-go with Dyson.

Hair Quality

Looking at my hair now, I must say that it is much healthier compared to how it was when I was religiously frying it with a drugstore curling wand. It is shiny, voluminous, bouncy, and smooth. There is no breakage and I do not lose as much hair as before. The ends remain healthy longer. This might be great news for those of you, who want to grow out their hair. The Airwrap is gentler than other tools, however, it can still make your hair feel dry at times. This is why make sure you use hair conditioning masks and oils in between styling to preserve a healthy look of your mane.

The Airwrap is not a cure for frizz. While it helps minimize it over time, if it is humid outside, your styling might still get ruined (unless you lock it in with a potent hairspray for example).

Dyson Airwrap Review


Once you get used to the Airwrap, going back to the old styling tools will be hard. There is something in the way it makes your hair look and feel that is unbeatable. While it is an expensive device, it is worth every penny. In my case, I do not go to salons (unless I need a trim), so I save a lot by doing my hair with Dyson. I can get any kind of blowout I want, without putting my locks at risk. Once you figure out a routine that works for you, the hair styling process will be a walk in the park (as opposed to a chore). For me and my needs, this was a perfect investment. The quality is amazing, even years after. The Airwrap might not be something you need (after all a simple hairdryer can do the job), but if you truly want to invest in the health of your hair, this is a wonderful tool to consider. I give it an A++.

More online: (USA) (USA)

Purchased product; full disclaimer here


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