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UOMA Beauty Say What?! Foundation, Review

uoma beauty say what?! foundation review

Complexion makeup junkies, this one is for you!


Not sure what took me so long, but I am finally ready to chat about UOMA Beauty most coveted product - Say What?! Foundation.

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My Skin: dry, sensitive (light, neutral)

About the Product

Say What?! Weightless Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (39 USD; Made in Italy) - is described as the "next generation" foundation, which is available in six custom formulas to cater to unique needs of different skin color groups. It claims to have: adjustable coverage, vibrant matte/blurring finish and great lasting power.

This product is cruelty free 🐇 and vegan🍃 (as well as paraben-, talc-free)


Packaging: Say What?! Foundation comes in a mattified (a bit weighty) glass bottle with a pump and plastic cap. The color of the cap speaks of a particular shade family, hence it will differ from bottle to bottle.

UOMA Beauty foundation is available in 51 shades, which are split into six groups:

  • Black Pearl (turquoise cap) - for dark brown skin

  • Brown Sugar (orange cap) - for brown skin

  • Bronze Venus (yellow cap) - for rich tan skin

  • Honey Honey (pink cap) - for olive skin

  • Fair Lady (blue cap) - for fair skin

  • White Pearl (lilac cap) - for very fair skin

Formula: Sharon Chuter, the brand's founder, believes that every skin color family has its own unique needs. While most brands just give us one foundation in multiple shades [yet with the same formula] UOMA Beauty is here to cater to your skin color group specifically. This is why they have created six different formulas of Say What?! Foundation, not only in accordance with your skin color, but also your skincare preferences. This way the brand looks at common concerns within each group individually.

This approach is quite new to me (needless to say - I was instantly intrigued by the idea) and I do not think I have come across any other brand with a concept similar to this one.

For example my shade match Fair Lady T1N has Aglianico Grape Marc Extract that should help induce Hyaluronic Acid synthesis and stimulate collagen production. At the same time someone, whose shade match is Black Pearl T2W, will get a formula with Tomato Extract that should help brighten dull skin and further protect it from free radicals.

Scent: a very faint, makeup-y fragrance that is hardly noticeable.

uoma beauty say what?! foundation review