Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers, Review

laura mercier pure canvas primers review

It all starts with a perfect base


To prime or not to prime? That is the question. Truth is - similarly to mascaras, primers are very personal. We all have different skin types and even more different skin concerns or needs. This is exactly why Laura Mercier (pioneer of face primers) created a new silicone-free line not only good for makeup, but most importantly - great for your skin. Curious to know more? Then please keep on scrolling.

About the Collection

Laura Mercier was always known for having a very rich selection of face primers. However, as the beauty industry expands with a speed of sound, more customers come forward asking for makeup formulas that have a skincare element to them. Thankfully, the brand came out with six new primers, all of which have various skin-loving ingredients and (drum roll please) no silicone.

Not that all silicone is bad, but it can certainly clog pores and sit heavily on the skin (not to mention that it doesn't really get absorbed and can move underneath certain foundations causing unnecessary makeup havoc).

laura mercier pure canvas primers review

So what are the six new primers?