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Dior Backstage Face & Body Glow, Review

dior backstage face & body glow review

Glow is my middle name


Friends to the blog (love you!) know just how much I adore my Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation (detailed review here) and after getting multiple requests via Instagram to review the brand's glowing primer/highlighter, I figured now was the best time to finally sit down and chat all about it with you guys. Curious? Then please keep on scrolling.

About the Product

dior backstage face & body glow review

Dior Backstage Face & Body Glow (38 USD; Made in France) is described as a "liquid highlighter" that is available in universal shade 001 ("golden shimmer"). It claims to boost radiance, blur imperfections and illuminate complexion.

Packaging: identical to the foundation, this product too comes in a little see-through plastic bottle with a nozzle tip, which gives you a good control over how much you pour out. Size is perfect for travels.

Color: a subtle, barely detectable touch of pink here will suit a plethora of skin tones. On my light-neutral complexion (I use shade 1.5N in Dior) it translates as a perfect hue of champagne gold (neither too golden nor too warm). And since it sheers out a lot, it won't really alter the undertone of your skin, but will make everything appear a lot more radiant. It won't add coverage either, since there is no skin-tinting element to it.

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As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited (shot in natural light)

Formula & Texture: compared to similar products on the market, Backstage Face & Body Glow texture is quite runny and borderline watery. While it feels lightweight and smooth, I do find that it needs a bit of blending to look completely even on the skin. It never gets sticky, greasy or oily. On the contrary, you will find that it sets relatively fast, leaving you with a natural, satin-glow finish that doesn't feel wet to the touch. There is no glitter here either; only fine pearl-meets-opal shimmer quality.

P.S. this product has a slight perfume-y scent, which I personally do not mind, but if you are sensitive - get a sample first to see whether this is something you can tolerate or not; the scent does go away almost immediately.

Application: now, there are a few ways to use this product. You can either mix in a few drops with your foundation (can be any foundation you already use and love), layer it underneath foundation as a glow-enhancing base or wear it alone as a face/body illuminator. You get a bit of transfer nevertheless, so be mindful of that. The best way to apply a product like this is with your fingers (face) or a large synthetic brush (body).

Backstage Face & Body Glow has a quick dry-down and gives an amazing glow, but it does not hydrate or prime your skin (meaning: it does not blur pores, smooth texture or add extra slip for other makeup to glide on). This is exactly why my preferred method of using it is by adding a few drops to my foundation to alter its finish. Pearlescent pigment in this product is highly concentrated, so it is easy to get carried away; I find that one-two drops are more than enough for an entire face (you need even less if you use it as a liquid highlighter). Or if you want to wear it alone, be strategic about your placement (focus on the high points of the face; avoid the T-zone).

dior backstage face & body glow review

Wear: once this product is on, it will stay in place all day. Literally. Similarly to Backstage Face & Body Foundation, this glowing liquid does not separate, get blotchy or weird. And since it is so satin in feel, I believe any skin type will enjoy it. Naturally, if you are dry - prep your skin with a moisturizer or a hydrating primer first; if you are oily - use a mattifying primer instead. I find that my complexion looks absolutely flawless (meaning: healthy, radiant, youthful) whenever I wear it; photographs like a dream too. Any extra bit of shine can be either blotted down or taken away with a translucent powder.


If you are a fellow glow-fanatic and look for a multi-purpose product that adds a mesmerizing luster to your skin (be it face or body) - look this way. Great thing about Backstage Face & Body Glow is that unlike many "liquid highlighters" it does not add extra coverage, heaviness or create a weird texture; in moderate doses it will enhance your complexion in the most eye-deceiving way possible (and who doesn't love a bit of makeup trickery?). While it does not hydrate or prep the skin, it alters the finish of any foundation turning it into a glistening perfection. Little goes a long way, so one bottle will last you ages (unless you plan on bathing in it - a wild desire that I completely understand). Is it a total necessity? No. Is it a great product for people, who are obsessed with making their complexion as luminous, radiant and glowy as possible? Yes! And since I belong to this exact group, I give this little guy A.

What do you guys think about this product? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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Purchased product; full disclaimer here

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