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Best Foundations For Dry Skin

best foundations for dry skin

Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart.


While inner beauty will always be my priority, I am still pretty invested in the idea of discovering that next best foundation. And let me tell you - last year was quite fruitful in terms of amazing new formulas hitting the market. For today's post I have selected my top five high-end foundations for people with drier skin types, that I have been loving for months now (these will work well for those of you with normal, normal/dry, combination/dry skin as well). Curious? Then please keep on scrolling!

My Skin: dry, sensitive

Light Coverage

laura mercier tinted moisturizer review

Although this first product is not labeled as "foundation", given its more-than-just-sheer nature, I wanted to include it as my light coverage recommendation. Of course I am talking about Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (47 USD; Made in USA). Available in 20 shades.

This is the brand's reformulated version that is now enriched with even more skincare-benefiting, nourishing ingredients (Macadamia-, Kukui Seed Oils; Tamarind Seed Extract; Shea Butter to name a few) and added bonus - SPF 30. Some shades can set a bit darker in tone.

This product is a wonderful lightweight option for those of you, who want your complexion to appear uber natural and radiant. It gives a nice sheer coverage, one that evens out the skin tone and with a bit spot-concealing you can really achieve that model-off-duty complexion. I find that applying it with fingers is the best method. Add product little by little, but make sure to not get carried away, because just like any formula with chemical sunscreen element in it, it can peel if you layer too much at once. I always distribute Tinted Moisturizer from center outwards, so that by the time I reach my forehead, jawline or chin - I barely have anything on my hands (thus makeup becomes practically undetectable).

Full Review: click here

Best For: beauties of all ages and complexions; normal, dry, combination skin types.

Light/Medium Coverage

dior backstage face & body foundation review

This must be one of the best inventions that the House Of Dior have ever come up with. Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation (40 USD; Made in France) is so good, I could serenade it all day, every day. Available in 40 shades.

If I could only keep one foundation (out of my entire collection), I would stick with this gem. This is one of those makeup artists' secret weapons that can go from sheer/light all the way to medium coverage in a few easy steps. I love foundations that allow you to layer as much (or as little) as you want until you get a desired coverage, yet without turning your face into a heavy/cakey mess.

I prefer to apply Face & Body using my hands. Given the fact that this is a liquidy formula, I find that I get the most flawless result when I take my time to work it in with my fingertips over a well-moisturized skin (I either use a hydrating primer or additional lightweight moisturizer as a prepping step). Once it is on, it will be there well throughout the day causing zero discomfort and remaining weightless; it is waterproof and survives well in both hot/humid and cold temperatures. Face & Body could easily be Facetune in a tube.

Full Review: click here

Best For: normal, dry, combination skin. If you want that natural, yet perfected look - go for it. I would also recommend this one for brides as it photographs like a dream.

Medium Coverage

laura mercier flawless lumiere radiance perfecting foundation review

Things are getting more serious coverage-wise and here is my favorite medium/full foundation: Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere Radiance-Perfecting Foundation (48 USD; Made in USA). Available in 30 shades.

This award-winning foundation deserves all the praise: weightless, breathable, buildable, long-lasting and absolutely flawless. It does live up to its "second skin" claims and is a beautiful choice for those of you, who crave a slightly fuller coverage (that still looks natural and feels light as air). Enriched with Mushroom Extract and Vitamin C, this formula improves your skin's natural radiance over time and feels wonderful no matter what season you are in - it remains hydrating, soothing and pretty perfect all day long.

I find that you can sheer it out if needed and would recommend using a sponge as the most favorable application tool. Looks great in real life and on photos.

Full Review: click here

Best For: normal, normal-dry, dry skin; great choice for beauties of a particular age and brides.

fenty beauty pro filt'r hydrating longwear foundation review

An equally stunning yet a touch more affordable medium coverage option is Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation (35 USD; Made in Italy). Available in 50 shades.

This was love at first use: hydrating, radiant, weightless and long-lasting formula that adds life to your complexion. Just like a few other foundations on the list, this one too has a lot of wonderful ingredients like Grape Seed Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate and Morus Alba Bark Extract (they are, however, listed towards the end of list, so their actual content is not that high).

The semi-glowy finish this foundation has transforms your skin into something very beautiful, without accentuating dreadful dryness and texture. It does get more dewy as the goes by, which is something I enjoy. Again, you can apply as little or as much as want; you can build this one up, but it might not be the most full coverage product on the market though. Survives well in humidity and cold.

Full Review: click here

Best For: normal, dry skin.

guerlain léssentiel foundation review

The last and most expensive [yet very special guest on our list] is Guerlain Léssentiel Natural 16H Wear Foundation SPF 20 (60 USD; Made in France). Available in 30 shades.

This is my special occasion foundation. The price is so high, I actually want to make sure I use it "wisely" and when I wear it - I adore every second of it. Léssentiel happens to also be the most "natural" option on my list; this formula is made of 97% naturally-derived ingredients and it feels more nourishing than other five products mentioned in this article. Similarly to Lumiere, this Guerlain gem promises to improve the quality of your skin over time.

While you can build it up to a beautiful medium coverage, I must say that most days I will use less than a pea-sized amount and gently spread it from the center of my face outwards, thus sheering it out. This technique is great for occasions when you want your foundation to look effortlessly natural and undetectable. Never accentuates texture or pores.

Full Review: click here

Best For: this formula can get dewy during the day, so I will disagree with general description that says it works for all skin types. In my experience, this is a product for normal or drier skin types only; another amazing and forgiving option for my beauties of a particular age.

best foundations for dry skin review

What do you guys think about this selection? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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