7 Products For A Flawless Base That Actually Work

sephora skincare review

Because skincare comes first


In this post I am going to share my thoughts on some of Sephora hottest, bestselling and new(ish) products, all of which are designed to take your makeup prep game to a whole new level (and show your skin some good ol’ love too). Curious? Then please keep on scrolling.

My Skin: dry, sensitive.

best skincare products at sephora review

'The Night Before' Rituals

My actual skincare prep starts the night before I do my makeup.

A new favorite in my overnight prep routine is GLAMGLOW BERRYGLOW Probiotic Recovery Mask (49 USD/ 235 AED; Made in USA). Not only does it smell like a delicious berry smoothie, but it also feels like one. One of the key ingredients – Lactobacillus Ferment Probiotic – is supposed to support skin’s microbiome (aka “skin flora”), which is something you don’t come across that often. Mix of berries, beetroot, hibiscus act as a vital antioxidant powerhouse and Jojoba Oil,