Pat McGrath Labs Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette, Review

pat mcgrath labs blitz astral eyeshadow palette review

We were born to flex diamonds on our necks (and glitter on our lids)


We all know just how over-saturated the beauty industry can feel at times with dead ringer products being launched over and over again. Right when I was about to give up on the idea of investing into anything holiday-related this year, Mama Pat dropped a hot new quad-bomb on us mortals and… she did not disappoint. Curious to hear more? Then please keep on scrolling.

pat mcgrath labs blitz astral eyeshadow palette review

About the Product

We all know and love Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Palettes (review here) that retail for 125 USD. While they do cost an arm and a leg, every beauty enthusiast currently owning these palettes will quickly assure you that, while they are expensive, they are also worth every single penny. You pay for a great amount of product, excellent quality, innovative color-combinations and most importantly on the right-hand side of every big palette you get four uber unique shades that are made of multi-dimensional pressed glitter and multi-toned, intergalactic pigments. I bought two of the