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Caudalie Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser, Review

caudalie vinopure pore purifying gel cleanser review

Non-drying salicylic acid cleanser? Yes, please!


If you are a friend to the blog (love you!), then you already know just how much I adore all things Caudalie (if not, click here to find out why). I have been raving about the brand for many moons now and if you happen to walk into my bathroom, you’ll probably think that you are entering a mini Caudalie boutique. Having said that, there was this one thing missing – a liquid cleanser. Thankfully, skincare gods heard our crying and in this post I am going to share everything there is to know about the new addition to the Vinopure family. Curious? Then please keep on scrolling.

My Skin: dry, sensitive.

About the Product

caudalie vinopure pore purifying gel cleanser review

Vinopure is a newer line at Caudalie that includes: serum, toner, mattifying fluid and liquid cleanser. All of these skin-perfecting, pore-purifying products are infused with natural Salicylic Acid, Polyphenols, as well as other organic antioxidants and are vegan + cruelty-free. This particular range is geared towards people with combination and oily skin types, but! Considering just how gentle it is, even someone with normal or dry skin can benefit from it too.

Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser (28 USD; 150 ml/ 5oz; Made in France) claims to unclog and tighten pores, reduce the look of blemishes and redness.

Packaging: simple, yet practical see-through packaging that will grace any bathroom cabinet.

caudalie vinopure pore purifying gel cleanser review

Formula: one thing the brand is famous for – is effectiveness of its 100% natural formulas. This is a clean beauty line, so you can rest assured that there are no harsh chemicals here (and no bunnies were hurt either, which is a win-win). This cleanser is based on Grape Fruit Water, which makes it quite delicate [hence perfect] even for the most sensitive skin types. It is infused with an organic blend of: Lavandula, Peppermint and Rosemary Leaf Oils that are known for their effective antibacterial properties.

Texture: gel, that turns into a smooth milky foam once in contact with water. Has a light fresh/herbal scent to it, which is oh-so-calming. This cleanser rinses off easily, leaving no residue on the skin.

Use: ideally, I would recommend using Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser over completely makeup-free, clean skin. Once you’ve removed all grease and grime, take a small amount of gel and massage it over wet skin before rinsing. I typically use mine once a day, preferably in the evening. I first go with the brand’s Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil to get rid of mascara and initial layer of makeup, then I double-cleanse with Micellar Cleansing Water and only after that I go in with the gel cleanser. I guess my point is – I treat this product as my initial baby “skin treatment” step, especially when things go haywire.

If you are on combination, oily side – use it twice a day (AM & PM).

caudalie vinopure line review

My experience: I am dry and this line is designed for oilier skin types. Normally I would stay a mile away from anything that could potentially make my paper skin even more dry, however! This is not the case with the Vinopure line. Unlike most [even regular] cleansers, this one never dries me out. Whenever I wash my face with it, skin feels refreshed and calm. Pores are smaller, cleaner.

While I do not use Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser on a daily basis, I will reach for it at least one-two times a week to prevent any blemishes from making a cameo on my face. Now, when things get hormonal a few “eruptions” will still occur and this is exactly when Vinopure line comes in handy. I will treat the affected area with cleanser, then Pore Minimizing Toner and Serum all from the same line. The latter product is particularly amazing as a spot treatment, especially if you only want to work on a few smaller areas here and there.

I have also healed blemishes on my back with this cleanser. Long story short: I burned my skin while sun-bathing like a savage this summer and when it stopped peeling (which is a horror story for another day), I started noticing little red bumps on my back after every workout. It was a nightmare. Thankfully I already started testing Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser at the time and figured if it worked so well for my face, it should be magical for my body as well. And I wasn’t wrong. After a few days of regular use I was pretty much spot-free.


Will there ever be a Caudalie product that I won’t enjoy? Judging from my 6+ year history of religiously using the brand - doesn’t look like it. I think that if your skin is sensitive, easily irritable and prone to blemishes and redness, you will truly enjoy this cleanser/line. Not only is it completely natural and effective, but you also treat problematic areas in the least aggressive way possible. Now, I can’t guarantee just how long it will take to help someone with severe acne, but looking at how quickly this line heals my angry “blind” blemishes - I would still encourage you to try it. And then again, let’s not forget about healthy lifestyle and eating habits; no one should downplay the importance of getting enough water, nutrients and sleep.

I am amazed at just how well Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser works for me and give it (and entire Vinopure line) A++.

If you are unsure where to start, the brand recently released Vinopure Clear Pores Routine set, which includes a generous deluxe mini sample of every single product from the range plus a full-sized bottle of serum. More about it here.

What do you guys think about this cleanser? Let's chat some more in the comments!

PR samples; full disclaimer here

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