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Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick, Review

Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick Laura Mercier Review

Indulge in 30 Shades of Lipstick...


One of my favourite high-end brands, Laura Mercier, just dropped a hot new lipstick line and naturally [as your trusted makeup aficionado] I had to investigate. In today's post I am going to share my thoughts on the latest formula, as well as show you unedited lip/arm swatches of all 30 shades (+10 shades of the new lip liner). Curious? Then just keep on scrolling.

Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick Laura Mercier Review

About the Product

Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick (32 USD; Made in USA) comes in 30 shades and is described as "weightless, statement-making lipstick with high impact colour and a satin finish".

Packaging: this lipstick comes in a nicely [high-end] weighted metallic tube with a magnetic closure. It feels expensive, yet minimalistic at the same time (which I love). However! You can't really tell what colour you are working with unless a. you know all shade names by heart or b. take the cap off. I wish Laura Mercier used colour-matching stickers instead.

Formula: to keep your pout hydrated all day long, the new formula is infused with Mediterranean Sea Algae Extract, as well Jojoba and Camellia Seed Oils. Just as the brand claims, this lipstick feels feather-light and [semi-] hydrating (neither extremely nourishing, nor drying - a perfect in-between). Having tried all 30 shades, I have to add that this line is consistent with all lipsticks having the same feel/quality upon application (+wear). These have no scent or flavor to them.

Application: something unique about this new lipstick is its shape. It has a smooth c-curve to it, which results in your lipstick quite literally hugging the lip and delivering high-impact colour opacity from the get-go. I would recommend using a liner or brush with brighter shades (we will get to actual lip pencils in a moment) to truly perfect the shape of your pout. All colours here are quite pigmented, with some leaning more towards satin or natural-creamy finish. There is a slight sheen, which you can easily blot down when desired.

Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick glides on like a dream, with only a few shades being a touch patchy (I am talking about dark plums, which are essentially harder to formulate) and some needing at least two coats to appear fully opaque.

Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick Laura Mercier Review

Wear: these do last for at least 5-6 hours before you notice any graceful fading. Naturally you will need to touch up your lips after eating. Once Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick is on your lips - you won't really feel it. It is not heavy, thick or drying in the slightest; which ultimately makes it a perfect option for those of you, who love a bold colour, yet don't want to sacrifice the comfort.

Colours: now, this is when things get a little bit tricky. At least for me, as a reviewer. While I absolutely love the formula, wear and application - unfortunately I do think that this line lacks quite a few colours and there a lot of repetitive shades (with a minimal difference; at least on my skin tone). The brand split 30 shades into five categories: nudes, pinks, mauves, corals and reds. I do feel like the main colour story here predominantly revolves around variations of pink. Perhaps this is the most popular colour category that sells best, but I would like to see a few more true neutral-, or even warm-toned nudes. Reds, on the other hand, are brilliant and there are a quite few colours here that truly stand out and appear unique to me.


As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited (no added brightness or saturation here, baby!). I only rely on natural daylight. My complexion: light-neutral, "Cashew" in Laura Mercier.

Note: please click on images to zoom in/read more info about the shades swatched.


Note: please click on images to zoom in/read more info about the shades swatched.


Note: please click on images to zoom in/read more info about the shades swatched.


Note: please click on images to zoom in/read more info about the shades swatched.


Note: please click on images to zoom in/read more info about the shades swatched.

Longwear Lip Liner

To complement the new lipstick line, Laura Mercier additionally launched a collection of Longwear Lip Liner (26 USD; Made in Czech Republic). It comes in 20 stunning shades, varying between nudes, corals, pinks, mauves and reds. I have ten pencils to show you today, all of which quickly became staples in my everyday routine.

Although it comes in a traditional wooden form, texture of the pencil itself is a perfect balance between sturdy and creamy. While it is not waterproof, it still glides on like butter, delivering a high impact pigment that lasts. Some shades are a touch more sheer than others, but thankfully I did not come across a single dud here.

longwear lip liner laura mercier review

Note: please click on images to zoom in/read more info about the shades swatched.


laura mercier rouge essentiel silky creme lipstick review

Minor shade range complaints aside, I do think that both Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme Lipstick and Longwear Lip Liner are beautifully formulated and worth the investment. They live up to their claims, offer superior quality and I can almost guarantee that there is a lipstick (or two) here for everyone. This line is a lovely alternative for those, who want to sport that bold lip trend, yet without massive discomfort. Laura's modern satin finish here is absolutely divine and I would highly recommend both collections (especially if you are into various hues of pink - you won't find a better alternative). Now, I hope that the brand decides to add a few more shades to create a better variety of undertones; until then both products get A- from me.

What do you guys think about these lipsticks and lip liners? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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