ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow, Review

colourpop pressed powder shadow review

The hottest singles in town


In case you need to take your mind off that awful GoT finale - here are 23 gorgeous ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow singles for you to check out. Yes, there are 24 shadows in total, which means that one of them is a [stunning] intruder. To all of my perfectionists out there - I apologize. However! I will give you a similar ColourPop alternative at the very end. So, other than that - please keep on scrolling!

About the Product

After posting the Instagram image above, I have realized that most of you guys were quite curious to hear more about ColourPop eyeshadows. Some of us have tried their palettes in the past, but with the brand's dedication to launching a new product every other week, it is kind of hard to keep up at times.

My collection actually started with that one intruder shade I have mentioned earlier; I just had to store it somewhere, so I bought an empty palette and next thing you know, four bright shadows ended up in my cart. I would highly recommend the brand's magnetic palettes by the way, since they come in uber cute designs and only cost 10 USD. Long story short, in a few months' time I already had 23 ColourPop eyeshadows in total and guess what