Five New Beauty Products You Need To Try, April

top five makeup products review

Early bird gets the best makeup


After [what seems like] a hectic month full of life events, I have finally found time to sit down and chat to you guys about some of my favourite discoveries on the makeup front. I have selected my top five must try products for the month of April and if you are curious to hear more, then please keep on scrolling!

#1 Sun Stalk'r

fenty beauty sun stalk'r bronzer review

Summer is literally around the corner and beauty brands try to convince us that we just neeeeed to buy a new bronzer (otherwise our holidays are going to be dull and miserable). Not true, however! When I saw that Rihanna was coming out with a hot new line of her very first powder bronzers, I knew I had to try them.

Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer (30 USD; Made in USA) is available in eight shades (bonus points for being inclusive) and claims to be a long-wearing, transfer-r