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Five New Beauty Products You Need To Try, April

top five makeup products review

Early bird gets the best makeup


After [what seems like] a hectic month full of life events, I have finally found time to sit down and chat to you guys about some of my favourite discoveries on the makeup front. I have selected my top five must try products for the month of April and if you are curious to hear more, then please keep on scrolling!

#1 Sun Stalk'r

fenty beauty sun stalk'r bronzer review

Summer is literally around the corner and beauty brands try to convince us that we just neeeeed to buy a new bronzer (otherwise our holidays are going to be dull and miserable). Not true, however! When I saw that Rihanna was coming out with a hot new line of her very first powder bronzers, I knew I had to try them.

Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer (30 USD; Made in USA) is available in eight shades (bonus points for being inclusive) and claims to be a long-wearing, transfer-resistant, light-as-air bronzer for all skin tones. It comes in this beautiful rose-gold compact and feels like a truly luxurious piece of makeup we all would love to carry in our handbags. But the formula is what makes this product so special.

fenty beauty sun stalk'r bronzer review

You guys know I test and review a ton of products every year, but I have never tried a bronzer even remotely similar to one by Fenty Beauty. While most formulas pack a punch from the get-go (which also means - you might experience a few issues trying to blend them out), this one is more on a finely milled and creamy-yet-dry side, which ultimately means that it applies sheer and gives you more room for building it up to a desirable extent. It blends out seamlessly without any patches; you can't even tell where your bronzer begins or ends and it is particularly great for heavy-handed makeup users (because it is impossible to mess things up).

There is zero powder kick-up here and thanks to this product's light texture, you can easily achieve a believable look of sun-kissed skin. You know one that looks great on photos, but even better in real life? While it is labeled as "matte", I do think that it has more of a natural skin-like finish with no sparkle or shimmer to it (never chalky, dry or cakey). The shade shown here is called Shady Biz (described as "light with warm undertones") and it is a perfect match for someone with light-neutral complexion; neither orange-y nor muddy. I am 150 in Fenty Beauty, in case you were wondering.

Final thoughts? I love Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer. If you are into that seamless, effortless Gisele Bündchen tan - you are going to love it.

#2 On The Run Palette

urban decay shortcut on the run palette review

While most people rave about the original Born To Run Palette, strangely no one talks about the brand's petite On The Run Palettes (which are, spoiler alert, absolutely amazing). They retail for only 25 USD (Made in USA, Assembled in Dominican Republic) and are absolutely perfect for those of us, who don't want to commit to a larger sized palette. I mean, don't we already have it all at this point?

I love minis by Urban Decay; oftentimes I find that I get more use out of them versus some of their bigger palettes. Shortcut was the most random purchase ever, but I am so happy with this palette, I just had to mention it as one of my top five new favourites. For starters you get eight colour-coordinated, equally flattering shades in at least three finishes (matte, metallic, glitter). The pan size (0.80g) is exactly the same as in the big palette, which means that you don't just save money, but also choose a palette with eight eyeshadows that you are actually going to use (and use a lot, if you find a favourite colour story here).

Quality is excellent. My only two complaints are: a. I wish darker browns were just a touch smoother and b. glittery shade must be used with a glue or some sort of a tacky base, otherwise it will fly everywhere. I use the brand's very own Heavy Metal Glitter Liners for this. Other than that - I am a happy camper and would highly recommend these palettes.

Please click on images to zoom in

As always - all of my swatches are raw and unedited (no added saturation, brightness, primers etc. here, baby). I rely on natural daylight only.

#3 Caviar Chrome Veil

laura mercier caviar chrome veil review

If you are a friend to the blog (love ya!) then you might remember my review on Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour (read here). In case you are new to the product, it is worth mentioning that it is only the best cream eyeshadow pencil formula out there (in my not-so-humble opinion). I use mine on a daily basis and for all sorts of things: eyeliner, base for powder eyeshadow or on its own as something easy and quick - Caviar Stick Eye Colour never failed me.

Now, the brand recently came out with a cool new eye product called Caviar Chrome Veil Liquid Eye Shadow (29 USD; Made in Italy). This is an eyeshadow in a liquid form; one that claims to be long-wearing, weightless and crease/smudge-resistant. It comes in six shades, all of which I have swatched for you below.

Please click on images to zoom in

As always - all of my swatches are raw and unedited (no added saturation, brightness, primers etc. here, baby). I rely on natural daylight only.

These are shimmery, sparkly and most importantly sheer liquid eye shadows. While you can build them up to say a medium coverage, do not expect them to be something like Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow. Stila gives you a chunky, extra glamorous glitter with a strong colour base underneath it - but Laura Mercier offers more of a toned-down and sophisticated alternative. The sparkle level here is pretty-yet-minimalistic; subtle sheen/shine and a bit of colour.

My application tip would be to use Caviar Chrome Veil Liquid Eye Shadow on top of an actual eyeshadow; doesn't matter whether it is a cream or powder base. Use your fingers to apply/blend these on "no makeup" makeup days or layer them for that beautiful, chrome eye look. Make sure to let first layer dry for a minute or two before adding more product. As a result these shadows last all day on the lids, they do not crease or feel drying/heavy whatsoever. You can easily remove them with water, which is amazing (unless you plan to go for a swim).

Two shades that I would highly recommend are: Gilded Fresco and Moonlight Shimmer. They are the most saturated and metallic out of the bunch and would look fabulous on every girl (or boy).

#4, 5 Agave+

bite beauty agave+ collection review

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have already seen a few posts featuring these beautiful superfood lip-care products from Bite Beauty. The new collection is called AGAVE+ and it includes: Daytime Vegan Lip Balm, Weekly Lip Scrub and Nighttime Lip Therapy.

While I really enjoy all three, scrub and mask stood out to me the most and here is why: these are some of the most nourishing and effective lip-care formulas I have tried in a while (and you already know - I try them all). Let's chat about the Agave + Weekly Lip Scrub (20 USD; Made in Canada) first. Unlike most lip scrubs that feel extra gritty and borderline abrasive, fair-trade golden sugar here is actually soaked in plant-derived squalene and papaya enzymes. This scrub is quite liquidy, which means it is not going to only peel away flakes and dry patches, but also drench your lips in a delicious cocktail of nourishing ingredients. You exfoliate and hydrate all at the same time, which is an incredible thing in my book. My only advice is - do not be discouraged by a larger size of sugar crystals here; they do get the job done effortlessly despite slightly different size and texture.

Star of the show, however, is the brand's Agave+ Nighttime Lip Therapy (22 USD; Made in Canada). This is literally the best lip mask I have ever tried (thank you, next Laneige). It is the one, it just is.

As someone, who is gluten intolerant, I have been on a hunt for a clean lip mask for what seems like a hot minute now. While I adore the brand's original and cult-classic Agave Lip Mask, I still wanted something a bit more potent for my nighttime routine. My lips are quite dry, especially when I wake up, which is why I am so thrilled to say that this new product is a miracle worker. In the morning my lips are plump, healthy and uber smooth.

For starters, this product has a very unique balm-meets-oil texture, that melts into your lips leaving a silky residue. They say it smells of bergamot and chamomile, but personally speaking the taste of it reminds me quite a bit of my favourite Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut (I might be the only doughnut-hungry person who thinks that though). Secondly, little goes a long way, so one jar is going to last you forever. I often use this mask during the day and it is the best discovery of the month. Period.

Honourable Mentions

Finally, these are some of the products that are absolutely ah-mazing, but not necessarily new on the market. I have been loving them just as much as every other item mentioned above and believe they deserve your attention.

new beauty at sephora review

Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel (26 USD; Made in Korea) - this bad boy has the best brow gel you will ever find. My brows are quite long and unruly and this formula is the only thing that will keep them in place; mind blown! The pencil side is more on a sheer/natural side, which makes me think that it will be mostly loved by those, who are naturally blessed in bushy brows department. I really hope the brand decides to sell this gel separately, because it is exactly what eyebrow dreams are made of.

nudestix eyebrow stylus pencil and gel review

Laura Mercier Blush Colour Infusion (30 USD; Made in Italy) - shade "Peach" in particular is drop-dead-gorgeous. I have been wearing it non-stop lately, mainly due to the fact that this blush doesn't only last on my cheeks all day long, but it also gives the most glorious glow from within (without accentuating any texture or pores). This formula practically blends itself to perfection and I can't recommend it enough.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara (26 USD; Made in Italy) - perfect option for those of us with long, yet sparse lashes. Adds such a beautiful volume and never flakes or smudges. I am a huge fan of this formula, mainly because I can layer it all I want and it never feels drying or looks spidery. Yes to Marc!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb (18 USD; Made in Italy) - shade "Fussy" has been my go-to lately. Whether you choose to wear it on its own, with lip liner or on top of any other lipstick - this "my lips but better" gloss is going to rock your world. It gives me the most beautiful, luscious pout and thankfully never bleeds, settles into lines or collects into that off-putting white residue (that we all hate!). Great choice for when you want to be kissed as well (wink, wink!).

Please click on images to zoom in

As always - all of my swatches are raw and unedited (no added saturation, brightness, primers etc. here, baby). I rely on natural daylight only.

laura mercier makeup review

What do you guys think about this selection? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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