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Glossier Bestsellers: Hits & Misses

glossier bestsellers review

Because "no makeup" makeup is a form of art too


In today's review we are going to play with some of Glossier most-coveted makeup and skincare products. Despite being a makeup lover, I still enjoy a good "I woke up like this" low-maintenance moment. I thought it was my mission to try as many of these millennial-pink goodies as possible, see what is worth the hype [and what isn't] and report back to you guys. Curious? Then please keep on scrolling.

Invisible Shield

This sunscreen was created with people like me in mind (i.e. those of us, who hate sunscreen). Most formulas conflict with makeup, so I can't even begin to explain just how grateful I am that brands started coming up with clear sunscreens. Invisible Shield (25 USD; Made in USA) is a broad spectrum SPF 35, which comes in a handy little container with a pump. It has a clear, gel-like consistency and [practically undetectable] lemony scent. You might notice some very fine micro-capsules packed with UVA/UVB filters running through it; they burst and absorb quickly, leaving no sticky/white residue. Oh, Invisible Shield is also infused with Vitamins E & P, Broccoli and Aloe (this product is suitable for vegans).

Final Thoughts: this is my second favourite sunscreen, right after Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen (you know, one that I swear by). I love how refreshing, lightweight and moisturizing it feels on the skin. It works great with all of my foundations/concealers; never peels or moves around. I am loving this new discovery of mine and give it A+.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

This little guy is basically labeled as an all-purpose face cleanser: in theory you should be able to effectively remove makeup with it, as well as use it to refresh your skin. From my experience, Milky Jelly Cleanser (18 USD; Made in USA) is a wonderful morning or second-step cleanser. While I love using this product right after I wake up or as the very last step in my cleansing routine, I do not think that it is strong enough to lift and absorb all of my makeup and grime (and I am not even wearing that much foundation/concealer to begin with) in one go. It can be used around delicate eye area, which is an added bonus, since its cleansing power comes from Poloxamer (cleansing agent found in contact lens solution).

This gel-meets-cream formula feels amazing on the skin, even on my driest lizard-days. And it smells just like rose water.

Final Thoughts: will definitely repurchase. Great for people with sensitive, dry skin types. Milky Jelly Cleanser gets A+

glossier bestsellers review

Balm Dotcom

One of the OG product launches for the brand - Balm Dotcom (12 USD; Made in USA) has evolved and now comes in six different flavours/colours. Now, this is a multipurpose lip/skin salve with a waxy texture, which you can use to soothe any dry skin area. I love using mine on the lips only and find that Birthday Balm Dotcom is my personal go-to; it smells just like a sweet vanilla cupcake and has a barely detectable shimmer running through it. Little goes a long way, so don't go overboard (otherwise it might look gooey/patchy). If you are a lip balm kinda gal, this could be your new jam!

Final Thoughts: not sure about other scents, but I am a huge fan of the Birthday version and will certainly get my hands on a new tube once I run out of my current one. This might be not the most potent lip care formula though, so if you suffer from severely dry/chapped lips, I would recommend something like Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask or Laneige Lip Mask instead (read more here). All in all, I give it B+.

glossier bestsellers review

Boy Brow

As someone with naturally thick brows, I have a hard time keeping mine up. There is nothing more sad to me than seeing droopy brow hairs, so I am constantly (constantly) on the hunt for that perfect, bulletproof brow gel. I might get myself into hot water by saying that, while I think Boy Brow (16 USD; Made in USA) is a lovely *tinting* brow product, one that easily adds colour and depth to my brows, sadly I do not think it does that great of a job at keeping mine staying in place for a long period of time.

Final Thoughts: Black is a nice shade match for someone with [well] black hair, so I am loving that. But I will not repurchase it. Don't get me wrong - it is a lovely product, however, I am still looking for something more promising as far as hold goes. B from moi.

Cloud Paint

Best cream/liquid blush you will ever find. Period. I have four of these little guys and literally wear them every other day. Cloud Paint (18 USD; Made in USA) now comes in six stunning shades and since little goes a long way with this airy gel-cream formula, one tube is going to last you ages. There are so many positive sides to this product: it never moves/slides around; applies and blends seamlessly; gives you the most naturally youthful glow, without looking greasy or oily; does not disrupt foundation and can be even worn on top of powder; looks amazing on photos and in person. You can easily mix various shades together for that custom blush colour. Read my detailed review on these bad boys here.

Final Thoughts: I will be buying these blushes for as long as Glossier sell them. A+++.