Clean Skincare Routine

clean skincare routine

'Cos there is no room for nasties in 2019


This must be the most requested article I have ever written. Ever since I started posting photos of myself on Instagram, more and more people would ask me about my skincare regimen. Coincidence or not, I actually changed my entire routine five months ago; I decided to stick to brands and products that were "green/clean" and interestingly enough - you guys were the first to point out the difference. If you have noticed lack of skincare content on this blog, that is because from now on I only choose to support and feature brands that I personally trust and love. Everything you are about to see - are products that I swear by and have happily repurchased over and over again.

Now, before we move any forward, I have to put a disclaimer: no one has 100% perfect skin (well maybe except JLo and newborns) and that includes me. Please remember that I still wear a light layer of foundation/concealer on my photos and [like all mortals] I go through inevitable bad skin days. While I stepped up my skincare game, I have also improved my eating habits. After finding out that I was both lactose- and gluten-intolerant, I have switched to 90% bio diet, which is also lactose/gluten-free; I exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. From my experience - all of this contributes to a healthy, clear and happy skin.

clean skincare routine

My Skin Type/Concerns

I have dry, sensitive skin and can get easily dehydrated. My biggest concerns are: dryness, texture, clogged pores and hormonal breakouts.

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