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Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Lipstick Love Collection, Review

If you love a good lipstick, this one is for you!

About the Collection

Massive news for Becca Cosmetics fans: say bonjour to the brand's very own line of lipsticks and lip liners! Much anticipated Ultimate Lipstick Love Collection is here (and it is here to stay), so if you are curious to see raw arm/lip swatches and hear more about this hot new formula, then please keep on scrolling!

becca cosmetics ultimate lipstick love collection review

Ultimate Lip Definer

Let's chat about Becca Cosmetics very first collection of lip liners. Ultimate Lip Definer (18 USD; Made in Germany) comes in 18 shades (everything from nude to deep plum) and claims to perfectly define your lips, all the while staying put for 8 hours. This is also a waterproof formula, that is infused with jojoba oil to ensure a comfortable wear and easy application.

Packaging: what I like the most about these lip liners is the fact that they come in colour-matching packaging; i.e. what you see on the outside - is exactly what you find on the inside. You do get 0.35g/0.012 Oz. of product here, which is a bit more compared to the brands' rivals at Sephora. Every pencil comes with a built-in sharpener and little "pout-perfecting precision tool", which you can use in place of a lip brush. Personally, I do prefer to blend my liner with my ring finger (with nudes) or brush (with reds or berries).

becca cosmetics ultimate lipstick love collection review

Formula: having tried every single shade here, I have noticed that depending on the colour, certain pencils were either more creamy or satin in feel. For example, creamier shade Playful appears more opaque than satin shade Mood. That is not to say that A performs better B; all of these liners are quite pigmented, apply evenly and set to the same natural-matte finish. It is just that lighter shades give more of a blurring effect, while darker ones are more precise. You can really cheat that lip line [Kylie-style] using both - it merely depends on your makeup preferences. As for me - I enjoy both types equally.

Two shades here have some finely milled [microscopic] shimmer running through them; I am talking about Low Maintenance and Breezy. If you ever wondered "why?", then here is a very simple explanation: soft, barely detectable sparkle (especially with light nudes) reflects the light, making your lips appear more pouty. It is not something visible to the naked eye, yet it still does the trick.

Application/Wear: despite minor differences in opacity levels, all shades glide easily and you also get a few seconds to play with the product before it sets. Ultimate Lip Definer is just as long-wearing as it claims to be; on me it lasts for at least 4-5 hours and if I eat anything creamy/oily, I will make sure to touch up my liner. Otherwise - once it is on, it is on.

Please click on images to zoom in; as always - all of my swatches are unedited and raw.


#1 (L-R) Pouty, Vacation, Fearless, Chill, Energetic

#2 (L-R) Low Maintenance, Toasty, Weekend, Blissful, Breezy

#3 (L-R) Mood, Playful, Confident, Spiced, Serene

#4 (L-R) Mystery, Charming, Fun

Colours: it is worth mentioning that Ultimate Lipstick Love Collection is "colour-crafted for your complexion". So every liner here has two-four lipsticks it can be paired up with. I am happy with the shade selection; staying true to their roots, Becca Cosmetics have mainly focused on all of the flattering nudes and sophisticated reds (you won't see any wasabe greens or neon purples here).

Personal Favourites: Pouty, Low Maintenance, Weekend, Breezy, Fun, Charming, Mystery, Playful, Confident, Spiced, Serene.

Ultimate Lipstick Love

becca cosmetics ultimate lipstick love collection review