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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Collection, Review

charlotte tilbury pillow talk collection review

Let's have a proper pillow talk, shall we?


First it was a lip liner, then lipstick and now - full-blown collection. Sure enough, I am talking about Charlotte Tilbury iconic Pillow Talk. It was initially released and sold out [in the blink of an eye] a few months ago. It is finally back and back for good! "The Pillow Talk Look" is here to stay, so without further ado, let's talk makeup!

charlotte tilbury pillow talk collection review

About the Collection

If you are new here, then it is worth mentioning that it all started with Charlotte's bestselling lip liner in the shade Pillow Talk (22 USD; Made in Germany) - a beautiful, universally-flattering pink nude that does a great job at making your lips look fuller, smoother and sexier. Many women loved it to the point where they would cover a whole lip area with this lip liner alone and call it a day (or night - wink, wink).

A few years later, after the brand's Matte Revolution lipstick formula came out, Charlotte decided to give us an ultimate gift of beauty - Pillow Talk Lipstick (34 USD; Made in Italy), which I spoke about in a separate review here. Both products make a perfect duo and now you can enjoy your favourite romantic nudes in forms of Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette (54 USD; Made in Italy) and Pillow Talk Cheek To Chic Blush (53 USD; Made in Italy).

Please click on images to zoom in

I am a huge fan of both lip products - they have that top shelf, holy grail status to me and I can easily recommend both to all of my readers and even their newborn puppies (they are that good!).

If you are a friend to the blog, then you might remember just how much I raved about the brand's eyeshadow formula and thankfully I managed to get my hands on their new Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette, which is (spoiler alert) absolutely dreamy. As per usual, you get a well-balanced, colour-coordinated quad with one pearlescent shade, two silky mattes and one pressed glitter. These glittery toppers are exactly what Charlotte is so famous for - her pressed pigments sparkle like crushed crystals and can be easily used without any glitter glue. Just swirl your fingertip in it, dab onto the eyelid - done, easy!

Please click on images to zoom in; as always - all of my swatches are raw and unedited

I hear some of you say "well, it looks like another neutral there anything special about it?". I'll tell you what is so good about it - the formula. These shadows, mattes in particular, practically blend themselves into perfection. They feel baby-smooth and are much more pigmented that what you might think. Depending on your skin tone, shades will either lean towards a pink-nude or peachy side. On my light-neutral complexion these shadows translate more neutral-warm rather than pink. Now, you can easily sheer these mattes out or intensify them - even the world's softest blue-squirrel brush (one that is normally used to create a soft wash of colour) will pack a punch here.

Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette is that perfect "Victoria's Secret Angels" eyeshadow palette in my book. It is soft, romantic, feminine and extremely wearable. Whether you are a beginner, expert or beauty of a particular age - believe me, it will look amazing on everyone. Since powders are so finely milled, they never accentuate skin's texture or lines; with a good eye primer, they will also last all day long and I find that the glittery rose-gold shade appears more alluring around 4-5th hour of wear. I've never experienced creasing, fall-out, drying feel or chalkiness with any of my Charlotte Tilbury palettes and this one is no exception.

Please click on images to zoom in

Above is my Pillow Talk look. Sadly camera did not catch the sparkle, but hopefully you can easily see both lip products and eyeshadow palette in action (I take all of my photos using natural daylight only and do not alter saturation/brightness). The only item missing here is Pillow Talk Cheek To Chic Blush, which I did not purchase mainly because I was so happy with the brand's Ecstasy Cheek To Chic Blush (captured above)- I did not feel the need to get a substitute. But it is a gorgeous and glowy blush nevertheless; one that many of you might like, especially if you are already familiar with the brand's powder formulas.

I feel like you can easily pair this eye look with any other lipstick shade and it is going to look phenomenal. Ugh, it is practically impossible to go wrong with Charlotte darling!

charlotte tilbury pillow talk collection review


If you haven't guessed already, I am extremely happy with Pillow Talk collection, lip and eye products in particular. As much as I like The Dolce Vita, I do think that Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette holds a very special place in my heart and these nude tones just speak to me on so many levels. They are neither too warm nor too cool - that perfect rosy-neutral vibe, which is going to look incredible on beauties of all colours and ages. Great for first dates, brides, natural beauties, busy girlbosses and (as much as I don't want to acknowledge it) also a wonderful choice for the upcoming Valentine's Day (not a huge fan of this "Hallmark holiday", but here you have it!). The collection gets A++ from moi!

What do you think about the collection? What product here did you like the most? Let's chat some more in the comments!


Purchased products and PR samples; full disclaimer here

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