Bite Beauty Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon, Review

Bite Beauty Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon Review

What happens when "smooth-gliding shimmer meets boldly brilliant colour"?


The answer is - Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon. Those of you, who are not new to this blog, know that there is nothing I love more than lipstick and sparkle; but what if you could combine the two? While I am not a fan of the metallic lip trend, the minute I heard about Bite Beauty newest collection of shimmery lip crayons, I got very curious about it. What is even better - these little guys are infused with actual mineral shimmer (not plastic glitter) and they are 100% clean. Want to know more? Then please keep on scrolling!

Bite Beauty Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon Review

About the Product

Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon (24 USD; Made in Canada) is basically a mix of mineral shimmer blended with orange peel wax, grape skin extract, jojoba, shea butter, sunflower and passion fruit seed oils. This formula is 100% clean, cruelty-free, vegan and (drum roll please) gluten-free.

The latter part excites me the most, because for more than a year now - I am on a gluten-free, lactose-free diet. This has nothing to do with "trends"; my body actually does not like gluten ( all) and even when I cheat from time to time, I do see negative impact immediately. While it is hard to eliminate gluten altogether, I applaud Bite Beauty for truly sticking to their motto and creating yet another beautiful range of safe lip products. Crayons do have that signature, citrusy and delicious Bite Beauty scent/taste to them (which is my absolute favourite!).