Guerlain 190th Anniversary Collection, Review

guerlain 190 anniversary makeup collection review

Bon anniversaire, Guerlain!


To celebrate its grand 190th (!) anniversary, Guerlain have released a limited-edition collection, which I am so excited to review for you guys today. So without further ado, please keep on scrolling!

guerlain electric look all eyes on you palette review

"Electric Look All Eyes On You" Palette

Electric Look All Eyes On You Palette (80 USD; Made in Italy) literally screams holidays and sophistication. Here you get eight eyeshadows (a mix of matte, matte-meets-shimmer and metallic finishes) and two highlighters.

Packaging: sleek black compact palette, that comes with a large mirror and three different applicators (one for highlighter, two for eyeshadows). Personally, I do not really care about little tools that normally come with high-end palettes, since I am using professional makeup brushes anyway. But if you are on the go, they might come in handy. Palette is quite lighweight and will be great for traveling. Shadows have a bit of kick up, so you might see some powder residue on the mirror.

Please click on images to zoom in. All swatches are unedited and raw.

Texture & Formula: formulas here differ. Metallics are my absolute favourite - they are buttery smooth, uber pigmented and glide on like a dream. Mattes are less pigmented (yet buildable) and feel drier. I would say there is only one true matte here (top row, of