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Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation, Review

dior backstage face & body foundation review

If you are on a hunt for a picture-perfect foundation, then this post is for you!

About the Product

House of Dior, iconic fashion and beauty giant, have introduced their first professional Dior Backstage Collection back in June. The key focus here is on makeup artists' essentials, that are going to help you achieve that perfect "couture-meets-cosmetics" makeup look. This collection feels fresh, modern and young, which (as a millennial) I find quite appealing.

dior backstage face & body foundation review

As far as luxurious brands go, Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation offers the most diversified shade range comparable to Fenty Beauty. Here you get a selection of 40 shades split into four colour-categories (fair, medium, tan, deep) and five undertones:




CR=Cool Rosy

WP=Warm Peach

WO=Warm Olive

Claims: waterproof, sweat-resistant // custom build // natural glow finish // invisible mesh on the skin // formula resists workout sessions, water, extreme temperatures, humid climate // perfect natural complexion in real life and on camera.

Price: 40 USD (for 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz); Made in France

Formula: texture-wise, this foundation is neither creamy nor watery; a perfect in-between. It has a distinctive scent, that reminds me a lot of the brand's Miss Dior, which happens to be my signature perfume. Personally, I love it. However, if you have a sensitive nose, I would recommend going for a sample first, so to see whether you like it or not. I find that the scent goes away as soon as the product gets absorbed. This foundation did not oxidize or cause irritation.

dior backstage face & body foundation review

Application: unlike most Face & Body foundations of a similar kind, I find that Dior version dries down relatively fast; which is why I would advise you to build it up gradually. It is very lightweight and once it sets, it gives you that flawless natural velvety-matte finish (not glowy). I find that this foundation layers incredibly well and you can easily go from an ultra sheer coverage (pea size amount applied with fingers) to full on glam in 1, 2, 3 [layers]. Of course if you want an ultimate coverage, it is best to use a densely packed synthetic brush or sponge (the latter one will absorb more product). I do recommend sticking to 2 layers maximum; 3 can be a bit of a stretch.

a word of caution...

While I enjoyed how Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation blended on my skin, I soon found out that it really disagreed with my concealer (Tarte's Shape Tape). Despite the fact that both are water-based products, concealer really turned my beautiful canvas into a cakey mess. Normally, I would apply a very small amount of concealer on top of my nose, chin and forehead to add more coverage. However, for whatever reason, every area that Shape Tape touched - was breaking apart, creasing and accentuating all of the dry patches/pores (which is never a good look). This never happened to me before, so lately I've been using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer instead and it works perfectly with Dior.

Wear: at the moment my skin is normal-dry and I do exfoliate/moisturize it well. Having said that, this foundation did not feel particularly hydrating, yet it wasn't drying either. Whenever I use it, I do not need any powder; naturally, that won't be the case for someone with oilier skin type. This formula works well with both powder and cream products; I love using cream bronzers/blushes/highlighters with it and thankfully none of them disrupt or lift my base.

dior backstage collection review

I must say, whenever I wear this foundation, I get a lot of compliments on how my skin looks. Although I need to use a slightly richer moisturizer underneath it to make it a touch less matte (personal preference), overall I do think that it lives up to its (rather bold) claims. Skin looks airbrushed both in person and on photos, but! If you tend to get a lot of texture, I would recommend a proper exfoliation, because this foundation might stick to dry patches. Wearing time is great; I can have this on my face all day long and it does not separate or become blotchy. Actually, I love how it looks on me after 3-4 hours, since it becomes a touch more glowy (alternatively, you can set it with powder and it will remain matte).

Who Will Like It: if you are into your medium coverage, skin-like, matte-ish foundations (that make your skin look like a filter yet in a very natural way), then you will be in love with Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation. This type of a product will work best for someone with normal, normal-dry, combination-dry, combination and even oily skin. If you are dry, then I would recommend going for a slightly more hydrating skincare to avoid a potential feel of "tight" skin. If you are extremely dry, I do not think that you will enjoy this formula. This product will work for beauties of all ages and colours, which is amazing news.

For my look I used Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation in the shade 1,5N (perfect for light-neutral complexion; my usual shades are MAC NC20, Tom Ford 1.5, NARS Deauville, Hourglass Shell, Tarte Light Neutral). I do have tan at the moment, so 1N would be my "winter" shade.

On my cheeks I am wearing the brand's newest Backstage Glow Face Palette (see image above; you can tell it is well loved) and it is yet another product from the collection worth every penny. Especially if you are into bold, glass-skin highlighters. That pink as a blush topper is absolutely delicious (hello Carrie Bradshaw!). Finally, on my lips I have Dior Lip Glow (magical, magical lip balm) in the shade 001 Pink Glow.

P.S. I encourage you guys to go back to my previous posts in order to compare this foundation to those from other high-end brands. While they all look good, I think Dior is the best one for photography, videos and major life events.


Minor Shape Tape incompatibility issues aside, Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is magical. It applies easily, makes your skin look velvety smooth, flawless (almost like a Photoshop filter) and wears all day long. Being a very natural matte, it looks like a good skin day in a bottle. You might have to use a hydrating primer underneath it (if you are dry) or set it with a loose powder (if you are oily) but generally speaking - I haven't worked with a foundation this picture-perfect (both in real life and on photos). I like how you can adjust it by adding less/more product and depending on your application technique - you are left with an innocent minimal- or chic medium-full coverage complexion. Other products apply/blend seamlessly on top of it (even something like skin balm or liquid blush) and as long as your skin is exfoliated and moisturized, you will truly love this product. Personally, I am glad I have this bad boy in my foundation arsenal and will reach out for it time and time again. A+ from moi!

Purchased product; full disclaimer here

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