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'Be A Light' Face Palette by Becca Cosmetics

be a light face palette becca cosmetics review

One for natural makeup lovers

About the Product

A few months ago Becca Cosmetics launched Be A Light Face Palette. These gorgeous rose-gold bars took Instagram by storm and what's more exciting - this is Becca's brand new light-diffusing powder technology, that should act like a real-life filter on the skin. I don't know about you guys, but "blurred luminosity" sounds right up my makeup alley!

becca be a light palette review

Claims: blurring, smoothing/ even skin tone/ photo filter effect/ light as air/ buildable/ natural, effortless glow

Price: 46 USD (0.52 Oz/ 15g). Made in Italy.

Packaging: exterior is identical here, minus the fact that medium-deep palette comes in a darker rose gold packaging. This product has a lovely high-end weight to it and I absolutely love just how minimalistic and chic it is. Every palette comes with a large, high-quality mirror and there is a unique aspirational mantra on every single one. Mine says "Be Fearless" in a cursive font, that looks a bit like my actual handwriting, which is something I enjoy.

Colours: every palette has a special variety of shades that should work for a specific skin tone range. From what I can tell, the lighter palette leans towards neutral undertones, while the darker palette is quite warm.

Please click on images to zoom in; FYI my swatches are always raw and unedited

Now, there are a few things that come to mind when I look at these powders: a) shades that are labeled as "contour" look more like bronzers; b) there will be some people, who will not find their colour-match here. As much as I would want to say that these palettes will work for everyone (your puppy and frenemy included), truth is that even light-medium palette will not work for someone, who is extremely fair and certain shades in medium-deep palette will not be dark enough for some beauties of colour.

Texture/Formula: texture-wise, these remind me a lot of (you guessed it right) Hourglass powders. However, I would not call them identical. Yes, they are both finely milled, ultra-smooth baked powders, but somehow they have a slightly different finish. Becca's formula is a bit more sheer/less pigmented, which also explains why it is so natural-looking on the skin as a result. I actually quite like products that can be layered gradually, because I can be heavy-handed at times; that being said - there is not much room for error when you work with Be A Light Face Palette.

becca be a light palette review

Application: I am your classic light-neutral, NC20 gal and in order to make the lighter palette work for my skin tone specifically, I have decided to apply powders a bit differently. Instead of using Contour to actually contour (a step I always skip anyway), I wear it as a bronzer instead. To set my foundation I mix both Brighten and Blur powders together; since the latter shade is a bit dark for me, I find that 50/50 ratio gives me best results. I do not use these powders under my eyes. As for Blush - if you are into your MAC Mineralize Blushes, then you will truly enjoy this soft/luminous formula. It looks darker in the pan, than it does on the skin, so you can either sheer it out and use as a pink highlighter/blush topper or add a few more layers and rock it as a true Carrie Bradshaw glowing blush.

becca be a light palette review

Results: I didn't realize just how good my skin looked, until I opened my car's vanity mirror (aka the mirror of truth) during the day time. My skin was luminous, yet not shiny; glowy, yet not greasy. It almost felt like I just had the best vacation of my life, where I spent a lot of time breathing in fresh air, drinking clearest mountain water and sleeping every night surrounded by a dozen fluffy puppies. Be A Light Face Palette does create a smooth filter on the skin, feels ultra light and is perfect for people, who love that very natural/radiant/effortless effect. Since these powders are sheer, they will not add any extra coverage; as a matter of fact even the darkest shade Contour is almost undetectable on the skin, which is why if you love your bold bronzed-goddess look, it might be not pigmented enough for that.

becca be a light palette review

Wear: I have dry skin and mineral powders [in general] are my jam. These Becca powders wear beautifully all day; I do not think that they wear off easily. Even after 8+ hours my blush is still visible. Since summer time is quite humid, I do find that my nose/chin get a bit shiny in 2-3 hours post makeup-application, so I will just grab a little Kleenex to blot the shine away and I am good to go. If you are on an oily side, you would certainly need to use a separate setting powder or mattifying primer, almost treating Be A Light Face Palette as your finishing step.