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Full Face Of Laura Mercier Bestsellers

laura mercier bestsellers review

i.e. a "blog-torial", where I try and chat about some of the hottest products by Laura Mercier


Laura Mercier was actually the first company to introduce primer to the makeup industry. The brand literally has a solution for every skin type/need (which I will talk more about in an upcoming post).

For my look today, I have used Foundation Primer Radiance. As most of you may know (if you are new - hi!), I have dry skin and tend to opt for primers that feel hydrating and give me that "glow from within" effect. Some people (especially those with combination skin) tend to shy away from illuminating primers, but this little guy is certainly designed in a way that it will still give your skin that natural-luminous finish, without making you look like a glazed Krispy Kreme.

laura mercier foundation primer radiance review

Unlike most radiant primers in my stash, this one doesn't stay dewy; it sets to a satin finish and [actually] holds makeup in place really well. I think it will work best for normal/combination skin. I am more on a normal-dry side at the moment, so in my case it works just fine over a good moisturizer; however, it is not the most hydrating formula I have tried. So if you are very dry, I would go with the brand's Hydrating Primer instead. Both will definitely allow a better makeup application/wear.

Foundation + Concealer

laura mercier flawless fusion ultra-longwear foundation review

Modern full-coverage foundations are nothing like what you would get even three or five years ago. As a makeup reviewer, who tries all of the latest releases, I have realized that most new formulas are in fact not a "one-trick pony". They are ultra-weightless/long-lasting/picture-perfect foundations, that still give you enough room to create any sort of custom-coverage you desire.

And Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation is no exception. Unlike most old-school "cakey" foundations, it does not feel thick or gooey at all. It is [suprisingly] a bit watery, yet very pigmented at the same time. As I mentioned, you can easily sheer it out or build it up.

Feel: it gave me a natural/satin finish and lasted for 8+ hours; stayed on like a dream, without getting patchy or weird. It looked its best after 1-2 hours of wear, particularly when it got a bit more dewy. This is, again, a wonderful formula for those of you with normal/combination skin. But even if you are dry like moi, don't shy away because with a good skincare prep, this foundation will look amazing on you too.

Application Tip: mix it in with your moisturizer for sheer coverage; use one-two pumps + sponge for medium coverage or go all out and rock that full coverage perfection applying it with a densely packed synthetic brush. Of course, make sure to exfoliate and keep your skin as smooth as possible when working with products like this.

For this look, I have opted for medium coverage (1,5 pumps). Cashew is a perfect colour match for me (I am MAC's NC20), even despite the fact that I have quite a bit of tan at the moment.

laura mercier makeup look

I then used Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer in the shade 2N. If you thought that Shape Tape was a bit OTT in the coverage department, then you might enjoy Laura's alternative instead. This concealer gives you a nice medium-full coverage, while still feeling hydrating and creamy. It didn't accentuate dry patches or pores, but! It did crease a bit more than Shape Tape. Not a deal breaker for me; whenever I see a few creases under my eyes, I gently pat them away with a ring finger and call it a day.

Feel: Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer blended easily, felt incredibly lightweight and stayed put all day long (8+ hours). I did not find it drying in the slightest. If you have oilier under-eye, make sure to lock it in place with powder for ultimate results. If NARS Creamy Concealer and Tarte Shape Tape had a baby, this formula would be it.

laura mercier candleglow sheer perfecting powder review

Powder + Bronzer

Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder - this name literally speaks for itself. This is a sheer coverage powder, that sets your foundation by adding a soft-glow filter to the skin. Since it is a "baked" powder, it feels 100% weightless on the skin. I believe that it is designed for people with slightly drier skin types in mind (normal-dry, combination-dry or just dry), who simply want to set the base without adding extra coverage. This Laura Mercier powder is perfect for that.

Despite the fact that there are only six shades in the range, given their sheer nature, one shade can suit a number of skin tones. The one I have is 2 (Light) and it is a perfect match for someone with a light, light-medium complexion.

Feel: featherlight, breathable. Gives the most natural radiant finish, almost as if your skin is beaming with health. Also, there is no shimmer/glitter here whatsoever.

Application Tip: apply it with a duo-fiber brush for a light veil; the brand's Finishing Brush is perfect for that. Or use Bronzer Brush for a bit more coverage.

laura mercier matte bronzing powder review

Speaking of bronzer, Matte Bronzing Powder is a dream come true. Technically it is not entirely matte; if you squint, you'll notice ultra fine [microscopic] specs of shimmer running through it. I would go with a bronzer like this over a chalky matte one on any given day, because no one wants a one-dimensional, muddy potato face (very graphic but true).

Matte Bronzing Powder smells like a tropical dream (a very subtle scent of coconut-vanilla) and comes in two shades (Soleil 1, Soleil 2). I have their lighter shade and must say that it is a perfect match for my 2N skin tone. This is one of those sheer formulas that you can build gradually; you don't need to be "that extra bit careful" with this bronzer, because the pan is a bit more tightly pressed and, as a result, it is not powdery whatsoever. I love applying mine with the brand's Bronzer Brush; it is made of soft synthetic bristles and is quite gentle on the skin. Imagine a little fluffy puppy caressing your cheek - this is exactly what this brush feels like.

This product gives me the most flattering natural bronzed-finish; warms up the skin nicely, blends easily and stays put for hours (and hours and hours).

laura mercier matte bronzing powder review


Now, you guys know just how much I love my Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick. I spoke about this range multiple times both on this site and my Instagram (review here), so naturally I was very excited to try the brand's Lip Glace.

laura mercier lip glace review

First things first, these glosses smell like a vanilla-caramel cupcake heaven; a very realistic (not chemical) scent, which I am quite into. Of course, if you don't like scented lip products, perhaps this line won't be your cup of tea (although the scent does go away in less than one hour). Sticky, gloppy, thick - these adjectives are not in Laura's vocabulary. These are one of the creamiest, smoothest, most nourishing lip glosses I have tried in a while.

There are 26 shades in the Lip Glace collection and for the most part they are all quite sheer. They provide a nice, high-shine finish and can be worn alone or layered on top of any lipstick. So far I have tried six of them and despite certain similarities in terms of undertones, they all look/feel absolutely fabulous.

Please click on images to zoom in

I have quite a few lines on my lips naturally and these never settle into them; as a matter of fact they make my lips look fuller/smoother. The lasting power here is pretty normal for a lip gloss (I would say 3-4 hours). They feel ultra comfortable and I really can't think of anything negative to say. For a nude lip gloss lover, these are a pure dream! P.S. on my photo above I am wearing Bare Blush.


Overall, I am very pleased with my Laura Mercier discoveries. I now understand the hype and their bestseller status. Although I loved every single product mentioned here, if I had to pick my top three, I would go with: Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation, Matte Bronzing Powder, Lip Glace. These are certainly A+, 5-star products, that I can easily recommend. What about you? What product here called your name? Let's chat some more in the comments!

PR samples; this review is not sponsored - full disclaimer here

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