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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Collection

bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick review

Happy National Lipstick Day! To celebrate, I've decided to post a"one brand" review, solely dedicated to one of my favourite lipstick formulas: Amuse Bouche. Today I am going to show you all 14 shades that I currently own; so if you are on a hunt for a new lipstick, then please keep on scrolling!

About the Product

Let's clear the air: I am cuckoo about a [classic bullet] lipstick. However, I am very picky. I know my lipsticks, just like Carrie Bradshaw knows her shoes. There is no room for compromise here: they have to feel, taste, smell, look, wear amazing; otherwise I am not interested. That being said, there are only a few lines/formulas that I am fond of. Of course a good all-rounder is MAC; when it comes to mattes I love my Pat McGrath and Laura Mercier; but it is Bite Beauty that has the best creamy lipsticks on the market.

L to R: Star Anise, Toasted Cardamom, Pink Salt

What makes Amuse Bouche so magical?

  • these are the safest lipsticks out there, because they are made of food grade ingredients and are pretty much edible;

  • there are also no nasty ingredients/chemicals here;

  • every lipstick is hand-crafted and produced in small batches;

  • flavours and colours are natural;

  • every lipstick is made of 12 edible oils, rich in nutrients and vitamins;

  • all shades are incredibly pigmented and long-lasting;

  • these are the most delicious lipsticks, because they taste/smell like a sweet citrus candy (flavor is made from fresh pressed fruit).

bite beauty amuse bouche lipsticks review

Every now and again, Bite Beauty will launch a limited edition collection, offering some unusual and trendy shades. Their latest Spice Things Up Collection is absolutely beautiful and will be loved by those of you, who appreciate a unique/wearable nude. This newer range is still available online, which is why I figured to include it. Aside from that, this year the company is launching a brand new lipstick shade according to your Zodiac sign on a monthly basis. These little guys sell out like hot cakes, so make sure to check out their website here to see if your star sign is still available.

Price: 26 USD (for 0.15oz/4.35g); Made in Canada

Packaging: every lipstick comes in a signature dark grey, rubberized tube with a cap that is designed to look like a curved (aka"used") lipstick tip. If you visit the brand's LIP LAB (US/Canada), you will have an option to choose from a variety of fun caps. Actually, there is a theory that one can judge a person's character looking at her/his lipstick shape. Please comment below if you agree/disagree! My lipsticks typically have a sharp angle and description below fits me 100%.

lipstick personality

Formula: now, this is the most important part of this review, because there is really no formula like Amuse Bouche. Believe me, I test hundreds of lipsticks on a regular basis and have yet to find something even remotely similar. The closest thing that comes to mind is MAC's Amplified Finish, however! Only in terms of opacity and creaminess.

Amuse Bouche lipsticks are buttery smooth, supremely creamy and opaque in colour. What you see is what you get. There are no tricks here, just one-swipe magic. They feel like a sensual hug on the lips and have a very natural-creamy finish (not glossy/satin/matte). These are colour-saturated lipsticks; they are not sheer in the slightest. Imagine NARS Audacious formula, yet much creamier/smoother/sexier - this is what Amuse Bouche is like. These bad boys never accentuate dryness, never settle in lines. If anything, nude shades here will give you the most seductive/kissable Brigitte Bardot-esque pout you could ever ask for.

bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick review

Application: nude colours can be applied easily without a lip liner, however, I would recommend using one (and a lip brush) for bright/deep shades. By the way, I have an entire post talking about my key bold lip application tips here.

Wear: Amuse Bouche