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New Summer Beauty Favourites, June '18

skin, hair and body favourites june 2018

One, where I talk about new skin, hair and body favourites!


I don't post "favourites" on a monthly basis, but whenever I accumulate enough gems to fit into a single post, I am always excited to share them with you guys. I truly hope to inspire you today! I will publish a separate "makeup" edition a bit later this month and other than that, please keep on scrolling!

Products marked with (*) are PR samples. Review is not sponsored; full disclaimer here.


caudalie vinosource moisturizing sorbet review

Although my skin is pretty dry, whenever summer comes around, I tend to gravitate towards lightweight/gel moisturizers. A) they absorb easily; B) they mix well with my "heavier" sunscreens, makeup primers and foundation. My absolute favourite must be Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (*).

I spoke about this formula a few times before, but this is what I love the most about this product: it is oil-free and works for all skin types; it has a delicious cream-gel consistency and is packed with antioxidants to strengthen and smooth your skin. Plus Caudalie is one of the cleanest skincare brands you will ever find; it is vegan, non-toxic and free of all the well known nasties.

I have been using Vinosource range religiously for what seems like years now and find that my skin is extremely happy with all of the natural ingredients (organic grape water in particular) and I could not recommend this moisturizer enough!


A newer discovery though, one that I am so (here comes the word) obsessed with is Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream. I feel like all of the British YouTubers I watch are cuckoo about it and since Institut Esthederm discontinued my favourite nighttime moisturizer (don't you just hate when brands do that?), I figured it was a good idea to try something new. And. I. Don't. Regret. It. Even. One. Bit!

dr jart ceramidin cream review

I haven't tried that many products from the brand, but this cream is perfect for people with dry skin. The formula is infused with ceramides (aka lipid molecules that hold skin cells together), that should protect, plump and nourish your skin all at the same time. Ceramides are known for retaining moisture and this is great news for someone with dehydrated, easily irritated skin (translation: moi).

This cream has an interesting brownish tint and pleasant natural scent (think spa and herbs). Little goes a long way and I am happy to report that although this formula is quite rich, it never feels greasy/heavy/sticky on the skin. It is balmy, smooth and I always notice just how healthy and radiant my face looks whenever I choose to use it overnight.

I just came back from a short trip to Europe and three flights plus one long train ride after, my skin did not become flaky (like, at all). Miracle or what? I will certainly repurchase this baby as soon as I run out of it. Ceramidin Cream is a great hassle-free and clean product that is worth the hype 100%.


origins super spot remover review

I did not get any spots during my one-week holiday, but I still suffer from quite a few angry hormonal bumps now and again. What is even worse, they sit deep under my skin, so I can't really do much about them except use a powerful spot treatment like Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel.

I feel like mine has an older packaging, but who cares when the formula is this potent! The key ingredient here is almighty Salicylic Acid. It does not just reduce your wrathful friends by 50% overnight, but will also help with post-acne scarring and darkening of the skin. Apply a very small amount of gel to your active spots, give it 10-15 minutes to fully absorb/dry down and now you're ready to count your sheep (Origins will take care of the rest). This product does tingle on the skin for a minute or so, however, it is perfectly safe and should cause no irritation. Also it is very gentle, so will not lead to a flaky skin situation around a blemish.

This gel is pretty much clear; even if you use it around your beloved SO, he/she won't notice. This takes me back to when I shocked my ex with a face full of white dots (I have been using a white pasty spot cream at the time). Let me tell you - he was shocked, I was shocked, my pillows were shocked (hello stains). None of that would have happened if I had Super Spot Remover at the time. Plus, I feel like I experience almost no scarring or post pimple darkening whenever I use it. It is amazing and tiny little bottle will last you a while! P.S. I only use it at night and never under makeup.


BeautyBlender Too Faced Beauty Sleep Set

You might already know my undying love for BeautyBlender and I really like that the brand collaborates with various makeup moguls to create fun kits for us to try. That being said, I have been really enjoying my BeautyBlender x Too Faced Beauty Sleep Set lately (*).

Here you get two travel-sized Too Faced bestsellers: Hangover Replenishing Face Primer and Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray. Plus one full-sized BeautyBlender Bubble, as well as a tiny little Micro Mini Bubble (both limited-edition colours).