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Secret For Naturally Glowing Skin Feat. Bonair

bonair blue smoother face oil and rose illuminator oil dropsreview

"She just glows from within," - whether you agree or not, 'glow' is something we instantly notice looking at other people, women in particular. Whether it is a love-, pregnancy-, spa- or even champagne-glow (what's poppin' Veuve Clicquot) - we can't help but admire the look of a healthy and radiant complexion. In today's post I am going to talk about two of my new favourite facial oil discoveries; the ones that helped me bring that natural glow back into my life. Curious? Then just keep on scrolling.

Where does the glow come from?

Now, if someone hands you a tube of a "magical" concoction, claiming that this product alone will make your skin glow (unless it is Becca Cosmetics liquid highlighter of course) - know that you're being trolled.

Natural radiance is merely a result of various attributes, that eventually lead to a healthy-looking skin. Well-balanced diet, hydration, sleep, exercise are only a few things that will keep your blood flowing (and skin glowing). You may remove dead cells and pile that makeup on all you want, but it won't give you the same effect as healthy lifestyle habits and smart skincare choices.

About Bonair

Bonair is a high-end skincare brand from Korea, that specializes in fermented oils of a premium quality. It is important to mention that Bonair formulations are based on natural ingredients, where most of the raw materials are produced by the brand directly. I have to admit, this is one meticulous skincare company.

My Skin

Dry, dehydrated, sensitive.

Rose Illuminator Oil Drop

Before we go on, I have to say that I must have tried a myriad of oils at this point; both high-end and affordable. Some of them were okay, some were so-so and only two were absolutely amazing (Drunk Elephant Marula Oil and Grown Alchemist Borago, Rosehip & Buckthorn Oil). Although they are labeled as "oils", formula on both is so balmy and smooth, that to me they feel more like actual serums rather than something that you would typically associate with run-of-the-mill oil (heavy, greasy, sticky etc.). Plus you might be surprised but, having dry skin, it is quite hard to find a facial oil that is actually hydrating.

bonair rose illuminator oil drop oil and blue smoother face oil review

Rose Illuminator Oil Drop is a blend of water and oil, that should hydrate your skin and gently brighten it at the same time. When you look at it in real life, you will see how half of the bottle is off-white and half is clear; which is why it is crucial to give it a good shake before using.

rose illuminator oil drop bonair review

Unlike most oils I have tried in the past, this one has a very unique consistency. Once you blend both herbal water and oil together, you will get a very liquidy substance of a milky colour; one that actually looks and feels like a typical water-based essence (which, technically, it is). It does not feel "oily" in the slightest, but! Don't be fooled by this guy's lightweight and runny texture; formula here is quite concentrated and you will soon realize that you only need a few drops to properly hydrate your entire face (plus a couple more drops for the neck).

Key ingredients: Rosehip Oil (rich in Vitamin C and fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6); Bisabolol (a natural, plant-based whitening ingredient, that is known for its soothing effect on the skin); Gardenia and Shizandra Fruit Extracts (red extracts rich in antioxidants). On a side note, this blend also contains Marula Oil, as well as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), both of which are great for improving skin's elasticity and reducing transepidermal water loss, texture and inflammation.

Results: I have been using Rose Illuminator Oil Drop for more than a month now and my favourite way of incorporating a product like this into my daily skincare routine is by applying it 2-3 times a week only in place of a night cream. I can see how you could totally survive with this oil alone, especially in the summer - it feels extremely light and absorbs relatively fast, leaving a healthy sheen on your skin. My skin just drinks it up; I find that since this formula is rich in oleic acid, it helps a lot with healing blemishes, scarring and signs of fatigue. Although I haven't noticed my complexion getting any "whiter" (p.s. that was never my concern to begin with), it did get a lot brighter, clearer and overall healthier.


If you want a natural-plant oil, one that is [basically] an antioxidant powerhouse, look no further. Rose Illuminator Oil Drop is hands down the most lightweight formula I have ever tried; it feels even lighter than plain Marula Oil (and you guys know that oil has a featherlight consistency). Most of the time when brands say their products work for "all skin types", [in my mind] I can't help but smirk, but in this case I have to admit - this dual blend of water and oil will suit practically all skin types, combination and oily included. If you are a beauty of a particular age, you might want to check it out, because Rosehip Oil in general is rich in fatty acids and will promote skin regeneration, as well as fight signs of sun damage (skin's number one enemy). I like how a blend like this still manages to penetrate my skin on a deeper level, without sitting heavily on top of it.

On a side note, being partially of a Russian-Ukrainian descent, I have to add that growing up my mother used to prepare a special, homemade blend of rosehip tea, that my brother and I absolutely hated (same way as kids hate broccoli; no reason why, just because!). We were still forced to drink it every single day and thinking about all of the rosehip benefits now, as a young adult, I feel like I actually crave a hot cup of tea.

Blue Smoother Face Oil

bonair blue smoother face oil review

Blue Tansy is a new discovery for me; in case we are in the same boat, this is a flower that grows in Morocco (also known as "Moroccan Chamomile") and South-Western Europe. Interestingly enough, it is rich in Azulene, ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Crystals of Azulene are blue in colour, which explains this oil's beautiful sheer-navy blue tint (it is 100% natural, same as its pleasant herbal scent).