New In My Make-Up Bag: NudeStix

nudestix intense matte lip cheek magnetic matte lip color review

I am always thrilled when new brands join Dubai's Sephora (I am pretty sure that by now it is the second largest Sephora chain after the States), so imagine my excitement when I heard that NudeStix would be a part of it. In this post I am going to chat to you about the brand's two iconic lip formulas, so if you are curious to hear more, then just keep on scrolling!

About the Brand

NudeStix is a line of sleek makeup crayons for your eyes, face and lips. You can easily recognize the brand by its signature all-black-packaging and mini tins, that come with every product. Another great thing about NudeStix is that you always get a jumbo-sized sharpener with your pencils and there is a nice variety of formulas/finishes to choose from (everything from sheer/glossy all the way to bulletproof matte). NudeStix is cruelty-, gluten-, paraben-, preservatives-free as well as vegan. The brand is founded by [gorgeous] Jenny and her two [equally gorgeous] daughters Ally and Taylor; I was lucky to meet Taylor in real life and let me tell you - she is the sweetest and friendliest person ever (with brows that will make Cara jealous).

Intense Matte Lip + Cheek

nudestix intense matte lip cheek magnetic matte lip color review

Let's just get to the point - Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil is a genius formula. Pretty much all of the brand's products are designed with "busy girls on the go" in mind and when it comes to a five minute makeup challenge, this little guy will save the day.

There are 12 universally flattering shades in this range. It is a rich selection of neutral-tones, but thankfully there are a few reds here as well (for those of us with a soft spot for pin-up makeup). Although all Intense Matte pencils look quite striking and bold when you swatch them, when it comes to actual makeup application, you can easily sheer them out. I got the shade Retro ("warm toned brick red"), which I am