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New In My Make-Up Bag: NudeStix

nudestix intense matte lip cheek magnetic matte lip color review

I am always thrilled when new brands join Dubai's Sephora (I am pretty sure that by now it is the second largest Sephora chain after the States), so imagine my excitement when I heard that NudeStix would be a part of it. In this post I am going to chat to you about the brand's two iconic lip formulas, so if you are curious to hear more, then just keep on scrolling!

About the Brand

NudeStix is a line of sleek makeup crayons for your eyes, face and lips. You can easily recognize the brand by its signature all-black-packaging and mini tins, that come with every product. Another great thing about NudeStix is that you always get a jumbo-sized sharpener with your pencils and there is a nice variety of formulas/finishes to choose from (everything from sheer/glossy all the way to bulletproof matte). NudeStix is cruelty-, gluten-, paraben-, preservatives-free as well as vegan. The brand is founded by [gorgeous] Jenny and her two [equally gorgeous] daughters Ally and Taylor; I was lucky to meet Taylor in real life and let me tell you - she is the sweetest and friendliest person ever (with brows that will make Cara jealous).

Intense Matte Lip + Cheek

nudestix intense matte lip cheek magnetic matte lip color review

Let's just get to the point - Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil is a genius formula. Pretty much all of the brand's products are designed with "busy girls on the go" in mind and when it comes to a five minute makeup challenge, this little guy will save the day.

There are 12 universally flattering shades in this range. It is a rich selection of neutral-tones, but thankfully there are a few reds here as well (for those of us with a soft spot for pin-up makeup). Although all Intense Matte pencils look quite striking and bold when you swatch them, when it comes to actual makeup application, you can easily sheer them out. I got the shade Retro ("warm toned brick red"), which I am not going to lie, did scare me at first. I wasn't sure how I would wear such an intense reddish-brown on my cheeks, but you know what? Don't judge, until you actually try them on!

nudestix lip pencils review

Once you blend them out, Intense Matte pencils give your cheeks the softest, most natural flush ("I've been jogging and sipping on matcha" kind of flush). Although they are described as "matte", on the skin they have more of a natural finish, which is so beautiful. These pencils feel great on the lips: they don't feather or bleed; you can easily wear them as a stain or layer to achieve that velvety-smooth high coverage. Application tip: if you choose to wear these pencils as your blush, work one cheek at a time. Swipe, blend, add more, blend. Personally, I would not try this technique with my foundation on (it might move it around), but on bare skin - it does look Snow White magical.

Verdict: highly recommend Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil if you love a good matte lipstick (and no hassle). Tip of the pencil gives you a lovely precision, so you won't even need brush or lip liner. Makes a great blush on "makeup-free" days as well; perfect tool for busy moms or goal-getters with limited free time. This formula does last on me for 5-6 hours and needs minor touch-ups after eating; there is practically no colour-transfer. None of NudeStix pencils have taste/scent, which is (again) an instant bonus in my book.

Magnetic Matte Lip Color

If you love a liquid lipstick, but hate how time-consuming it is, then you need these little bad boys in your life. Yes, I am talking about NudeStix Magnetic Matte Lip Color pencils.

nudestix magnetic matte lip color rose

Wearing NudeStix Magnetic Matte Lip Color in "Rose"

This "magnetic" formula is like an actual lip tattoo. Once it is on, it won't budge. You can eat, drink, kiss all you want - it will stay on! And it is a pencil, so my mind is [kind of] blown, because it truly feels like a good liquid lipstick. There are seven luscious neutrals in the range to choose from.

Lately I am obsessed with everything Krysten Ritter; she always wears these stunning mid-tone rose and plum shades on her lips, which look so flattering on every skin tone in my opinion. Colours like this are great for both day-time and evening wear, so I was pretty chuffed when I got my hands on NudeStix Rose ("mystic meets love"). It is the best dusty beige-pink, period. I can't think of anyone, who wouldn't rock Rose, it is perfection in a pencil form!

nudestix retro rose swatches

Left to right: Retro, Rose

These pencils have zero transfer and do last for hours and hours and hours. Glide on like a dream, don't smear or run. Now, if you naturally have a lot of lines on your lips (like I do), Magnetic Matte pencils will accentuate that - so I would always prime first. I don't own NudeStix lip primers, but any good lip balm should do the trick. I would recommend something like Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, that works as a really nice hydrating base for any matte lipstick formula in general. You might need to touch it up after meals (especially after anything that has oil in it); it only takes a minute and you can focus on conquering the world again.

Verdict: if you are a fan of liquid lipsticks, but have no patience to just sit there and perfect every nook and cranny for ten minutes, then these Magnetic Matte Lip Color pencils might become your best friends. I love how incredibly long-lasting they are; although they can feel a touch drying in a few hours (just like any other waterproof lip product), I do think that with a little help from a lip balm, these are unbeatable. If your lips are quite dry naturally, but you still want a long-wearing lipstick in a pencil form, I would recommend going with Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil instead.

nudestix lip pencils review

I must admit, I am very impressed with everything I have tried from NudeStix so far. As far as lip pencils go, I do prefer these to NARS, Marc Jacobs and even Bobbi Brown. I will be certainly getting their matte eye pencils next, so if you have any product recommendations or review requests, please mention them in the comments below!

NudeStix is available at Sephora, as well as and

PR samples; review is not sponsored. Read disclaimer here.

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