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How To: Bright Eyes In Three Steps

becca bright eyes review

Dedicated to all of my human-pandas

Whether lack of sleep or genes are to blame, dark under eye is never a good look (unless you're starring in a Tim Burton's production). Thankfully makeup brands come up with a ton of helpful solutions every year and in this post I am going to share Becca Cosmetics three-step guide to a brighter under eye.

Step #1: Prime

I guess I should start off by describing my under eye situation: I have hereditary dark circles, which can get either a touch lighter or darker depending on how I am feeling that day (i.e. whether I had a good rest or not). Personally, I do not believe in anti-panda lotions and potions, but drinking lots of water and sleeping well are a few things that really help. And there is always a peach-toned corrector nearby in case of emergency.

That being said, aside from a nourishing eye cream, I've never used an under eye primer until I was introduced to Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. It claims to: combat signs of fatigue/ blur and brighten/ de-puff/ prep skin for seamless concealer application. So far, so good.

becca cosmetics anti-fatigue under eye primer review

I rarely suffer from puffiness, but I will take a mix of caffeine, matcha, cucumber, camellia and antioxidants on any given day (these are just a few key ingredients here). This baby blue primer has got an ultra lightweight, sheer, semi-balmy texture that looks undetectable under your eyes. It does add a bit of brightness, but if you are a serious panda, you will certainly need more coverage than that. Once the product is applied, it gives you a very subtle (yet enjoyable) cooling sensation, without making your skin feel tight/dry. I simply swirl my finger on it, warm it up a bit and then gently pat anywhere, where I would apply corrector/concealer. Further blend with BeautyBlender.

I never knew I needed Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer, but it makes such a nice difference! I find that whenever I prep my under eye with it, I end up using less corrector and everything looks smoother, blends seamlessly, wears longer. Even a very creamy corrector won't settle into my lines as much, whenever I choose to use this primer as my base. It is such a relief to know that I don't have to constantly look in a mirror to check whether my corrector/concealer is still in place or not.

Verdict: although I can't say much about puffiness, when it comes to makeup application/longevity - I do enjoy this Becca primer a lot. Having dry under eye, I always use a small amount of eye cream first and apply this primer second. I also crease less whenever I use it, so that's an instant bonus in my book. My key tip would be to apply as little as possible and give it a minute to set before going in with other products. This primer is a winner for me and I will definitely keep on using it.

Step #2: Correct

If you have a dark under eye, then I am sure you must have heard about benefits of a peach-toned corrector at least once in your life. Unlike a traditional concealer, which might turn your under eye into a grayish mess, these little guys will neutralize darkness in the most effective way possible.

becca cosmetics under eye brightening corrector review review

Becca recently came up with an extra shade of their bestselling Under Eye Brightening Corrector. As you might remember from my older posts, I really enjoy this formula (read more about it here) and I am glad to see that now there is a darker shade available for beauties with a medium-deep skin tone.

Nice thing about a corrector like this is that it has got (microscopic) light-reflective particles in it that not only brighten your under eye, but will also help disguise appearance of darkness/dullness. Use it sparingly and make sure to warm it between your fingertips to achieve a seamless blend; since texture is bit a rich, it does need initial warm up. Now, this is a very creamy formula and I find that unless you have normal, normal to dry or dry skin - you might experience some creasing. Which is why, if you are a bit oily in the under eye department (or in general), once you add concealer on top, do set your under eye with a loose powder.

becca under eye brightening corrector swatches

Left to right: Medium-Deep, Light-Medium

Verdict: what would I do without a corrector in my life? To really get the most out of a product like this, you have to learn how to apply it (and your concealer) in very sheer layers. If you have a minimal under eye dullness, then you can simply use a very small amount of your appropriate Under Eye Brightening Corrector shade and call it a day. I also often use mine (Light to Medium) on high points of my cheekbones whenever I want to add to that well-hydrated, radiant, natural look.

Step #3: Set

Last but not least, if you want to lock your beautiful work in place, it is time to set everything with a loose powder. Becca created brand new Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder in one universally-flattering shade. Interestingly enough, this blend has light-reflective properties and you can actually see (if you squint really well) a very fine, micro-pearlescent shift.

becca bright eyes trio review

This powder claims to refresh/ brighten/ perfect/ set your under eye. It is also infused with Raspberry Stem Cells and Australian Berries, to make sure that you are not just wearing makeup, but taking care of your skin too. Thankfully it doesn't settle into my lines and blends easily; I use a medium-sized eye blending brush with natural bristles to apply it. This product was not created with "baking" in mind, just a friendly FYI.

Now, here comes my confession. I never (never ever) use any powder under my eyes. When you are a mini Sahara desert, the last thing you want is to add powder on top of it, which is why I rarely wear it. I make sure to soak up any corrector/concealer excess with a damp sponge, so normally I don't even crease that much after all. Plus Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer does a great job at prepping skin and by the time I am done layering my correctors and concealers, my under eye is good as it is.

Verdict: with all that in mind, I have to admit that this new Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder is the only thing I would use if I had a big event or party, but on a day-to-day basis I would rather set my T-zone with it instead. Speaking of which - it works like a dream on your face as well, so you can use it on any other areas. A powder like this will work for all skin types, but I would recommend it more to beauties with combination, oily skin.

Available at Sephora and Ulta stores; and

Review is not sponsored; PR samples. Check my disclaimer here

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