How To: Bright Eyes In Three Steps

becca bright eyes review

Dedicated to all of my human-pandas

Whether lack of sleep or genes are to blame, dark under eye is never a good look (unless you're starring in a Tim Burton's production). Thankfully makeup brands come up with a ton of helpful solutions every year and in this post I am going to share Becca Cosmetics three-step guide to a brighter under eye.

Step #1: Prime

I guess I should start off by describing my under eye situation: I have hereditary dark circles, which can get either a touch lighter or darker depending on how I am feeling that day (i.e. whether I had a good rest or not). Personally, I do not believe in anti-panda lotions and potions, but drinking lots of water and sleeping well are a few things that really help. And there is always a peach-toned corrector nearby in case of emergency.

That being said, aside from a nourishing eye cream, I've never used an under eye primer until I was introduced to Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. It claims to: combat signs of fatigue/ blur and brighten/ de-puff/ prep skin for seamless concealer application. So far, so good.

becca cosmetics anti-fatigue under eye primer review

I rarely suffer from puffiness, but I will take a mix of caffeine, matcha, cucumber, camellia and antioxidants on any given day (these are just a few key ingredients here). This baby blue primer has got an ultra lightweight, sheer, semi-balmy texture that looks undetectable under your eyes. It does add a bit of brightness, but if you are a serious panda, you will certainly need more coverage than that. Once the product is applied, it gives you a very subtle (yet enjoyable) cooling sensation, without making your skin feel tight/dry. I simply swirl my finger on it, warm it up a bit and then gently pat anywhere, where I would apply corrector/concealer. Further blend with