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New In My Make-Up Bag: Pixi Beauty

pixi beauty rose caviar essence rose flash balm mattelast liquid lip review

I don't know about you guys, but there is something fascinating about beauty aisles at Target. It is one of those places, where I completely zone out and go into a "don't distract me or somebody's gonna get hurt real bad" mode. That being said, one of the main attractions for me has always been Pixi Beauty. Even in my San Fran days I would not mind driving all the way to Oakland to check out their latest launches and I have to admit that the line has grown quite a bit in recent years. The brand was kind enough to send me a few new pieces to try; so if you are curious to hear more, just keep on scrolling!

About the Brand

Pixi Beauty was founded by Petra Strand back in 1999. Although the brand's flagship store is located in London - Pixi Beauty has a cult following and is loved by many beauty bloggers and skincare professionals all over the World. There are two lines here: skincare and make-up; great thing about the brand is that all products are infused with nourishing and natural (feel good, look good) ingredients and are created with hard-working, busy ladies (and a few gentlemen) in mind.

pixi beauty haul and review


Rose Caviar Essence

Claims: moisture serum/ weightless/ nourishing/ hydrating/ brightening/ lightweight/ softens, refines and tones the skin

Price: 24 USD (for 45ml/ 1.52 fl.oz of product)

Packaging: something I like about the brand is their signature mint green accent-packaging. Unlike most serums, Rose Caviar Essence comes in a clear rose-tinted tube, where you can see all of the "encapsulated" flower oil particles. I think this is a very cool packaging.

Formula: the whole "caviar" concept speaks to me on so many levels (after all I am of Russian/Ukrainian descent so you can't blame me). But seriously speaking, this product visually reminds me of Lancome's Absolue Precious Cells Revitalizing Rose Lotion Toner. It is a similar, extremely lightweight and watery clear gel formula with encapsulated rose oil specks running through it. This serum has a distinctive sweet rose scent, which depending on your preferences in skincare, will be something you either love or hate. I happen to love rose-scented products in general, so it is right up my alley. It practically vanishes as soon as the essence gets absorbed and did not cause any skin irritation.

Key Ingredients: Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Bergamot Peel Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Aloe. Find a full list here.

Application: since this is a serum/essence, it should be applied on a dry/cleansed skin right after your toner (presumably before your moisturizer). My biggest tip is: apply as little product as possible. The first time I've used it I kind of went ham on it and my face ended up sticking to my pillow during the night (totally my fault). This formula gets absorbed practically as soon as you press the product onto your skin; and if you use it sparingly, it will layer really well under any other gel/cream you typically use. Although there are plenty of oils in it, it is light to the point where it seriously feels just like water.

pixi beauty rose caviar essence rose flash balm review

Wear & Results: you can use it AM and PM; having dry skin, I personally think it works best overnight. I use a pea-sized amount for my entire face and follow up with a night cream. From my experience, it is best to let it sink in and wait for a minute or two, before going in with any other skincare product. I find that I wake with my skin feeling well-rested and smooth whenever I use it.

Verdict: although it is not the most hydrating primer I have ever tried, I really enjoy Rose Caviar Essence. I love how weightless it feels, same as how it works together with my other skincare products. I can easily see how a serum like this should work for all skin types, combination skin in particular. So if you wanted to add an extra nourishing step to your skincare routine - look this way.

Rose Flash Balm

Claims: oil-free, quick absorbing formula/ instant moisture/ brightening/ revitalizing/ works as a moisturizer, primer and mask

Price: 24 USD (for 45 ml/ 1.52 fl.oz of product)

Packaging: similarly to the previous product, Rose Flash Balm comes in a cute little baby-pink tube.

Formula: this is supposed to be a 3-in-1 kind of a product. Right off the bat I can tell that it has a slightly stronger, yet equally delicious, sweet rose scent (think Lush Rose Jam). But unlike Rose Caviar Essence, this is definitely a creamier/balmier formula that sets to a satin finish. It is a bit tacky to the touch at first, but once it gets absorbed - it becomes pretty much undetectable on the skin (the scent also fades away).

Key Ingredients: Rose Flower Water, Olive Leaf and Rose Extracts. Find a full list here.

On the photo: 1- Rose Caviar Essence; 2- Rose Flash Balm

Application: although, in theory, this product should work as a primer, moisturizer and even mask - using it as a mask is something that works best for me. So, I typically apply a thick layer all over my face for 5-10 minutes and call it a day. I've tried using this balm as a primer before, but I find that it peels and balls up the minute I go in with my foundation (even when I don't rub or use a soft sponge), which is literally my biggest make-up/skincare pet peeve. I know that some people, with combination skin, use Rose Flash Balm as a moisturizer; however having dry skin, I don't think that this formula is rich enough (in terms of ingredients) to meet my Sahara-skin needs.