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Worth The Hype? Glossier Cloud Paint

glossier cloud paint cream blush review

Coincidentally, the weather in Dubai is unusually cloudy at the moment and I apologize for my rather dull photos well in advance. Anyhow, today we're going to discuss a very hyped up little product from Glossier - Cloud Paint Cream Blush. I have all four shades right in front of me, so let's get to it!

About the Product

Claims: pillowy, gel-cream formula/ user-friendly/ seamless/ sheer/ buildable/ flushed, from-within-glow/ contains collagen

Price: 18 USD for 0.33 fl.oz / 10 ml.

Packaging: at the moment there are only four shades available and each comes in a tiny little tube; this packaging reminds me a lot of acrylic paint. As you can see, these blushes are colour-coordinated, so even if you have all four - it won't be hard to tell them apart. If you are familiar with the Glossier concept, then you wouldn't expect a boujie design - packaging is quite simple and cute. Glossier are all about free stickers, so if you feel frisky, you can easily decorate your blush just like I did.

glossier cloud paint cream blush review

Colours: Dusk (light brown with peachy-pink undertone), Puff (baby pink with a cool undertone), Beam (bright coral with pink undertone), Haze (mid-toned berry-magenta).

Formula: as far as consistency goes, all four feel exactly the same and have this very airy and almost whipped gel-like feel to them. I have never seen a formula quite like this before. Typically a cream blush would be a bit more waxy or balmy, but Cloud Paint is on another level. The only similar thing that comes to mind (formula-wise) is Chanel CC Cream, which is described as "fusion of skincare and makeup". This is exactly how I would describe Cloud Paint - it almost feels like a very lightweight moisturizer with a colourful tint to it.

glossier cloud paint cream blush review

Application: use your fingers, that is my biggest tip. Don't waste your time on a sponge or brush, they won't work. On a good side note, these almost blend themselves into perfection, so application time will barely take 1-2 minutes. The only shade, which I typically struggle with, is Haze. Being a bright magenta it can look a touch blotchy at times, so I find myself spending a little bit more time blending it. These blushes apply sheer, but you can build them up all you want - just depends on what kind of look you're going for. All colours are quite pigmented, so use as little as possible and add more as you go. You can easily mix these to create a custom colour.

glossier cloud paint cream blush review

Wear: I would say, although these set to a natural/gloss-free finish, they do look a touch more dewy as the day goes by. I guess this has something to do with the fact that skin produces natural oils during the day, so the finish might change a bit. I have dry skin, so both formula and finish are quite flattering on my particular skin type. They do add a nice youthful flush and look incredibly natural. In my experience, all four shades wore very well on me (up to 8-9 hours). The only time I have noticed visible blotches on my cheek (from where I touched my face and might have smudged the blush a bit) was when I wore Haze; I have a light complexion, so on me this colour in particular can look a touch stark.

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glossier cloud paint cream blush review


If you are one of those people, who always craved a nice juicy cream blush in your life, but most formulas would either smudge/look patchy/move around or be a touch too waxy for your taste - you will experience none of that with Cloud Paint. As a matter of fact, this is (hands down) the most user-friendly formula I have ever tried. These blend really well over other products, without disrupting any layers of make-up underneath them; they do look truly flattering and won't accentuate any dryness/lines/pores. If you are a beauty of a particular age and most blushes look "a little too much" on you, give these a go and I am sure you are going to enjoy them. Cloud Paint gives me a healthy, well-rested and hydrated look - which is exactly what I crave on a daily basis. These are great on the go or when you are in a rush (except Haze) - dot, blend, done.

Although these should work for a plethora of skin tones, I wish Glossier would have added a few more rich shades for beauties of colour, because Haze alone doesn't have a formula perfect enough to be the only colour suitable for someone with a deeper complexion. Other than that, I give these A and would highly recommend them if you are on a hunt for a perfect cream blush (plus, considering how little product you actually need, these will last you ages). Worth the hype.


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