Hakuhodo Brush Collection

hakuhodo brushes review

I know many of you guys asked for this post on Instagram and here I am, full force and ready to talk about my number one make-up brush brand - Hakuhodo. I have 16 brushes to show you today, so I hope this article inspires you!

About the Brand

Hakuhodo is one of the World's biggest high-end make-up brush manufacturers, which is allegedly producing brushes for brands like MAC and Tom Ford to name a few. Hakuhodo is based in Japan and all of their tools are 100% handmade, using goat, horse, squirrel and occassionally synthetic bristles. Hakuhodo have a few stores in North America and Asia, as well as couple of online shops. I bought all of these brushes with my own money over the course of 2-3 years and despite the fact that most Japanese brands would cost you an asbolute fortune, Hakuhodo have relatively adequate prices with their brushes ranging all the way from 8 to 200 USD. Now, I don't know how Hakuhodo collects actual hair (it is not something I want to discuss, because I have not witnessed the process to talk openly about it) so if you feel uncomfortable with anything but synthetic brushes - perhaps this post is not for you. But if you want some new amazing quality brushes in your life, keep on scrolling!

hakuhodo makeup brushes review

Price Vs. Quality

Hakuhodo have some of the softest, most durable and effective brushes I have ever tried. I use mine on a daily basis, wash them, travel with them and none of my brushes have shed or lost their shape. The brand's product portfolio is quite impressive and it is safe to say that there is a brush for everyone here. I know, many people shy away from brands like this, thinking "oh, it must be crazy expensive". However, judging from my experience with various brands and their tools, most of Hakuhodo brushes here cost me around 20-30 USD. The most expensive brush in my possesion was 50 USD and that is not a crazy amount compared to what you would pay elsewhere. Also, pay attention to Hakuhodo brush "series". Something you see here (J, K or G) are very reasonably priced, while something more unique like Kokutan, Japanese Traditions or S100 would cost way, way more.

Example: MAC 217 is 25 USD. Hakuhodo's original is 19 USD.