Alterna Infinite Color Hold Line, Review*

caviar anti aging infinite color hold line review alterna

I am on a "good-hair-day" roll lately and Alterna has a lot to do with it.

If I could only use one haircare brand until the end of time - that would easily be Alterna. The brand's Caviar line in particular is hands down my absolute favourite, so it was only a matter of time before I have discovered their Infinite Color Hold range. I have four products to talk about today and if you want to hear more - just keep on scrolling!

My Story

Hair, hair, hair...where do I begin? I rarely talk about this on my blog, but a few years back I really did struggle with my hair. Rapid weight loss, stress and change of climate (that is me moving to Dubai) truly affected an overall health and look of my mane. I went from a girl with lots of hair to a girl, who would wake up on a pillow full of hair. Although this drove me insane, I must confess that for the longest time - I did neglect it. I would blatantly burn, fry, straighten, curl, overspray and pull my hair all the time.

Thankfully, one day I met a nutritionist, who explained how to look after my hair and her tips have forever changed the way I think about my diet and hair products now. I just let my hair "be"; I am no longer obsessed with having a "red carpet blowout" on a daily basis and I choose my haircare products wisely. I do see a massive improvement and am going to share a few more tips with you guys as we move along.

Infinite Color Hold Range

If you are an OG reader (hey guys!) then you probably remember me talk about Caviar line by Alterna. Every single product in this range is infused with natural Omega 3 fatty acids, marine botanicals, essential oils and extracts. There are no parabens, sulfates or synthetic colorants here, which is great news - as those are one of the reasons why your hair follicles get upset in first place.

caviar anti aging infinite color hold line review alterna