New: Foreo Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment Review

foreo espada review

I have something (possibly) revolutionary on my desk today: Foreo Espada, Blue Light Acne Treatment [With Laser Precision Targeting]. So, what are they trying to say? No more gels, creams and other well-known topical acne treatment products?

Product Overview

Foreo, a brand mostly known for their oral care and skin cleansing devices, have come up with a potential skincare "game-changer": Espada. The brand describes it as a "powerful new weapon in the fight against acne", which is a pretty bold statement if you ask me. Although it is technically designed for people, who suffer from acne - anyone, who gets an occasional hormonal breakout or blemish, can use it. In other words, unless you are a sparkly unicorn, you need one too.

Something truly captivating about Espada is: laser-focused blue LED light combined with T-sonic pulsations (which you might be familiar with, if you own any of the brand's Luna devices). This product is waterproof, can be charged (fantastic!) and comes in three colours (baby pink, magenta and dark blue).


Whether you suffer from acne or not, you might be familiar with "blue light treatment". More often than not, it is used by professional skincare specialists and dermatologists. Good news is: you can use it at home too.

foreo espada review

Something fascinating about blue light is that it can penetrate your skin on a deeper level in a non-invasive, pain-free manner. Since acne causing bacteria is sensitive to it, blue light is able to calm down inflammation and eliminate the bacteria deep inside oil glands and, as a result, make them shrink in size too. After a few sessions, be it with your