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Must-Have Real Techniques Brushes*

real techniques brushes review

So...I have a thing for make-up brushes. Before I have discovered YouTube tutorials, I used to have only one blush brush and teeny-weeny sponge applicator for my eyeshadows. Gosh and I thought I was a superstar! Today we are seduced by so many professional make-up brush options, but Real Techniques is still one of my favourite brands. In this post I am going to share with you my top 7 individual make-up brushes by Real Techniques and I hope to inspire you!

About the Brand

Real Techniques is curated by Pixiwoo sisters - whom we all know and love - Sam and Nic Chapman. I have been watching their videos since 2010 and to me their channel was truly revolutionary. I have learned a LOT about both make-up products and application techniques thanks to these talented girls and when they came out with Real Techniques Originals collection - I was very excited to try it. Since 2011, Chapman sisters have also added Bold Metals collection, which is now their premium line. In this post we are only going to talk about their core collection.

real techniques brushes review

must-have real techniques brushes review

Some people like receiving bouquets of flowers, I prefer bouquets of make-up brushes

Concealer Brush

I am sure you already know that all of these brushes are synthetic, extremely soft and durable. And they are affordable, which is great. I have gone through quite a few of RT brushes and must say that they are always easy to clean, don't shed and bristles stay in great condition even after multiple washes. In two words - I have never had any complaints about them.

Concealer Brush is one of more recent discoveries for me, but I really enjoy it. It is slightly bigger in size, than your typical flat/rounded concealer brush, but it still works really well with any kind of liquid formulas. I love it for my creamy concealers, which come in a pot. Sometimes I don't like dipping my fingers into the product, so I use this brush instead and it always saves the day. Since it has more of an angled shape, Concealer Brush easily "follows" natural curves of the face and can be used for cream-contouring of smaller areas too (such as nose, chin etc.).

real techniques brushes review

Foundation Brush

Although I can't live without my Beauty Blender, I also enjoy my Foundation Brush a lot. It kind of looks like a big brother of the Concealer Brush, since both of them have that flat, angled shape. I find that this "angle" is actually quite helpful when it comes to accessing every nook and cranny of your face - and - it works great for contouring of larger areas (such as cheekbones, forehead etc.). I am not that much into contouring, but I love this Foundation Brush for my water-based foundations such as Face & Body by MAC for example. Not to waste this foundation, I first apply it with this brush and then blend away with a sponge. I also should probably mention that I wash my face brushes and sponges on a daily basis, so I don't experience any traces or lines of make-up on my face when using this flat brush.

Expert Face Brush

Now if you are into buffing, then you will really love Expert Face Brush. I personally use it for any kind of cream products I have at home: blushes, bronzers, foundations and even cream highlighters. This is a number one best-selling RT brush and I can't recommend it enough. If you love a seamless foundation finish, where you can't really see where it starts and where it ends, this brush will do it for you. Sometimes, instead of using a sponge, I first apply primer/foundation with Foundation Brush and then buff it in with Expert Face Brush. A little bit time consuming, but results are worth it.

real techniques brushes review

Sculpting Brush

If you thought that you couldn't ever find a better brush than Expert Face Brush, then you have to think twice, because Sculpting Brush by RT is a bomb in a cute pink suit. I have discovered it this January, but it is now a sweet little member of my go-to brush team. I love it for my heavy duty foundations and even powder bronzers. I believe it is a bit too chubby for contouring per say, but it is dreamy for everything else. Sculpting Brush too has a slight, rounded angle to it and glides so easily on the skin. It also blends everything to perfection and can be a great alternative to old-school kabuki brushes. I sometimes set my translucent powders with it and to sum it up - can't rave enough about it.

Blush Brush

I had no idea, but apparently Blush Brush is an award-winning brush by RT. This was my very first RT brush ever and I absolutely adore it. It looks like Bambi's tale and is incredibly soft and fluffy. Now - you might see a trend here - I never use this brush for my blush. I actually prefer it for my bronzers and setting powders. If you look at it carefully, you will see that Blush Brush is slightly tapered and has a small, rounded tip. While the tip is great for picking up a product, all other bristles surrounding it will help blend any pigmented powder to perfection. You can also keep this brush clean and use it for blush/bronzer blending purposes; especially if you have gone a little bit overboard or something seems patchy - blend, blend, blend and it will look perfect.

real techniques brushes review

Lash Brow Groomer

real techniques brushes review

Enought with the face, let's talk about some eye brushes. My lashes are so naughty and unruly, I really need a good pair of curlers and lash groomer to survive. Although Lash Brow Groomer is double-sided, I mainly use the "lash" groomer part to brush through my lashes. Since this comb is made of metal, it really breaks through clumps and knots in your lashes, giving you that feathery effect. I clean it after every use with my Bioderma Sensibio H2O and am very happy with the quality of this brush. You can really make any clumpy mascara work with this little genius.

Silicone Liner Brush

Now this was also a newer discovery for me, but I think there is something about this Silicone Liner Brush. Although it is not at the top of my must-haves list, if you don't like dealing with fine liner brushes, then this could be your jam. It works best with gel liner formulas and unlike natural bristles, silicone can be cleaned like 1,2,3. I, again, use my Bioderma to clean it after every use and considering size and shape of this brush - it really gets the job done and you can create all sorts of "wings" with it. My only concern is - using this brush is a bit time consuming, as you constantly have to dip it into the gel pot to get more product. But once you get used to it, it becomes irreplaceable. Nice choice for beginners too.

real techniques brushes review

That's it for my must-have Real Techniques (individual) brushes review. Hope you guys found it helpful and for more beauty inspiration make sure to follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin. Have a terrific day!

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