Must-Have Real Techniques Brushes*

real techniques brushes review

So...I have a thing for make-up brushes. Before I have discovered YouTube tutorials, I used to have only one blush brush and teeny-weeny sponge applicator for my eyeshadows. Gosh and I thought I was a superstar! Today we are seduced by so many professional make-up brush options, but Real Techniques is still one of my favourite brands. In this post I am going to share with you my top 7 individual make-up brushes by Real Techniques and I hope to inspire you!

About the Brand

Real Techniques is curated by Pixiwoo sisters - whom we all know and love - Sam and Nic Chapman. I have been watching their videos since 2010 and to me their channel was truly revolutionary. I have learned a LOT about both make-up products and application techniques thanks to these talented girls and when they came out with Real Techniques Originals collection - I was very excited to try it. Since 2011, Chapman sisters have also added Bold Metals collection, which is now their premium line. In this post we are only going to talk about their core collection.

real techniques brushes review

must-have real techniques brushes review

Some people like receiving bouquets of flowers, I prefer bouquets of make-up brushes

Concealer Brush

I am sure you already know that all of these brushes are synthetic, extremely soft and durable. And they are affordable, which is great. I have gone through quite a few of RT brushes and must say that they are always easy to clean, don't shed and bristles stay in great condition even after multiple washes. In two words - I have never had any complaints about them.

Concealer Brush is one of more recent discoveries for me, but I really enjoy it. It is slightly bigger in size, than your typical flat/rounded concealer brush, but it still works really well with any kind of liquid formulas. I love it for my cre