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107 Beauty Skincare, Review

107 Beauty Skincare Review

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Friends to the blog (grateful for all of you!) know just how much I love all things KBeauty, especially when it comes to skincare. I just feel like Korea is ten steps ahead of the rest of the World when it comes to skincare technology, proprietary blends and unique formulations. This is why today’s review is extra exciting because we will be finally talking about 107 Beauty. I have been testing these products for several weeks now and am ready to share my thoughts.

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My Skin: dry/sensitive

Products reviewed are cruelty-free 🐇 with some being labelled as “vegan-friendly”

107 Beauty Skincare Review

About the Brand

107 Beauty is famous for its modernization of traditional Asian medicinal recipes, specifically utilization of all-natural, handcrafted vinegar that is fermented for 7 up to 30 years (!). Why vinegar? I know many of us wonder what is its purpose outside of the kitchen. Well, turns out the brand’s multi-year fermentation technique is able to produce a “superpower” microbiome, a helpful bacteria that offers many benefits for the skin (with postbiotics being rich in Amino Acids, AHAs and more). If that wasn’t impressive enough, all of the ingredients are locally sourced and are made with artisan aquifer water.


107 Beauty Chaga Jelly Low pH Cleanser (22 USD; Made in Korea) – is a gentle, low pH of 5.0 cleanser that delicately refreshes and clears the skin, without causing irritation or dryness.

I have learned the hard way that cleansing twice a day is probably the most crucial step in my personal skincare routine. Although I have a dry skin type, if I don’t use a cleanser in the morning, I will find myself dealing with more breakouts than I am ready to handle.

Luckily, Chaga Jelly Low pH Cleanser was named after an immunity-boosting Chaga Mushroom Extract and is made for people with dehydrated, easily irritable skin that needs a mild daily exfoliation. It is packed with the nature’s best botanical extracts (Chamomile, Paper Mulberry Root, Lotus, White Mulberry Bark, Apple, Camellia Leaf, Green Tea, Lingonberry Leaf to name a few) and smells like an invigorating tea dream. You can actually see small bits of herbs in this cleanser’s Glycerin rich, gel-like texture. On top of that, fermented vinegar gives it antibacterial and antifungal properties that are so crucial during the mask-wearing times. A team of AHAs help clear up dead cells and improve skin texture. In other words: you can’t sit with us, maskne!

Final Thoughts: wonderful option for people, who are looking for a skin-loving, non-aggressive cleanser that will still get the job done. I prefer using it as part of my AM routine, however, it does a lovely job as a second-step cleanser too (when used after a cleansing balm/oil or any other heavy-duty makeup removing product). I can see how it can work for all skin types - dry, normal and combination in particular.

Serum Mist

107 Beauty Dewy Glow Serum Mist (58 USD; Made in Korea) – is described as a concentrated serum made with 60% fermented probiotics and Vitamin E for a brighter, glowing and healthier skin.

Although I generally gravitate towards serums in a traditional pump or pipette type of a packaging, I was attracted to this product from the get-go as it combines all of the things that I look for in a skincare product: good ingredients, ease of use and sustainability. Dewy Glow Serum Mist to me is more like a facial mist but on plant-based steroids. This formula feels quite refreshing and watery, thus gets absorbed by the skin almost instantly, leaving it feeling supple, hydrated and smooth. I detect a very faint pleasant scent, which I suspect is the Rose Water used here. Other notable ingredients are: 7-Year Fermented Vinegar, Rice Ferment, Soy Milk Ferment, Safflower Extract and more.