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Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Range, Review

briogeo be gentle be kind banana coconut shampoo conditioner review

Caution: do not eat these!


I have two very special products to review for you guys today. Yes, it is about time we talked about Briogeo again. So far I have had a great experience with the brand and in this post we are going to chat all about Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Superfood range.

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My Hair: fine, virgin (i.e. never been colored etc. before), 2B/2C curls, sensitive scalp.

About the Product

At the moment the range includes: shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. In this article I will focus on haircare only.

Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood haircare products (28 USD each; Made in USA) are designed to nurture, protect and essentially bring your locks back to life without causing any damage or stripping.

All products are gluten-free 🌾, cruelty-free 🐇 and vegan 🍃


Packaging: both Shampoo and Conditioner come in a recyclable plastic packaging that looks a lot like a bottle of fresh juice/smoothie. There is a generous amount of product here (12.5 oz/ 369 ml), which is more than what you normally get for the same price from similar brands. Although I adore this fun design, I am not a fan of flimsy caps on both bottles. Since they do not close properly, I won't be able to travel with these (who else has experienced a shampoo leakage in their suitcase?) and I also have to be extra careful in the shower; if you drop this Shampoo it will spill everywhere.

Formula: the brand is known for using some of the World's best and most nourishing "superfoods" in their products. This collection does not only look like something you could eat (please don't!), but it also has some of the juiciest ingredients: Banana, Coconut, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple and Acai to name a few. Everything I love seeing on my breakfast plate basically. And if that wasn't fabulous enough, Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood products are labeled as "clean" and are made without any harsh chemicals or nasties that are usually associated with hair damage.

briogeo be gentle be kind banana coconut shampoo conditioner review

Texture: Shampoo has a very runny, syrup-like consistency. It is easy to accidentally pour out more product than you actually need, so just be mindful of that. Conditioner, on the other hand, has more of a moussy texture; it feels quite creamy, which makes it easy for you to distribute and rinse the product.

Scent: OMG, these products smell like a tropical dream. It is a perfect blend of banana, pineapple and coconut, which I absolutely love. Now, if you don't like the sound of it, chances are this line is not for you (FYI the scent lingers). I find that my hair smells amazing all day long and even the day after. There is something about this fragrance that reminds me a lot of my childhood and those sweet, fruity haircare products that my mom used to buy for my brother and I.

Funny thing, as a professional swimmer I exercise in a silicone cap and usually when I take it off at the end of every training I can still smell this delicious Briogeo scent on my hair, which is fantastic. Pero like, who wants their hair to smell like chlorine?

briogeo be gentle be kind banana coconut shampoo conditioner review