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Bite Beauty Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick, Review

Bite Beauty Power Move Lipstick Review

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To a makeup lover there is nothing more exciting than a new product launch. Ever since my beloved Amuse Bouche line was discontinued (right when the brand went 100% vegan), I was anticipating a replacement. Finally, a year later, Bite Beauty released a new line called Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick. In this post we are going to talk all about it, as well as do a mini comparison analysis.

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About the Product

Bite Beauty Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick (28 USD; Made in USA) - is the latest release from the brand, described as a hydrating soft-matte lipstick with a lasting lightweight color. Available in 20 shades.

Packaging: staying true to its signature style, Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick tube is pretty much identical to the original Amuse Bouche. It is that same curved lipstick cap in a soft rubber bullet, except now it has a bigger baby pink logo and color-matching sticker on the bottom (which is an improvement from the previous line). Overall, I do enjoy this packaging a lot, except one thing. The rubber will get sticky over time (which is something that happens to any packaging of this kind).

Shade: Sugar Buns

Formula & Texture: now, this might be the juiciest bit of the review. What is new about this formula and how does it compare to Amuse Bouche? Frankly, these two lipsticks are a world apart and here is why.

What I loved the most about the discontinued formula was its creamy, uber pigmented texture and comfortable, long-lasting wear. It had more of that natural/satin, color-saturated finish with a soft sheen (and a slightly sweet taste to it). Having said that, Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick is quite different. Aside from the fact that it is now vegan, it also has a powdery texture with a true matte finish. I would say that this matte is still on a creamy side, however, it is not that hydrating. I actually find that the brand's Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayons (reviewed here) are closer in feel/look to Amuse Bouche, than the new lipstick.


Cocoa Butter and Tapioca Pearls with Fatty Acid Waxes


I must admit I was a bit disappointed to see Dimethicone and other types of silicone being listed as the top ingredients here. I personally find silicones to be quite drying on my already dry skin (and lips). I hoped to see more lip-conditioning and soothing ingredients instead.

Shelf life is only six months, which is not much compared to eighteen months that you normally get from other vegan brands.

Vegan🌱 Gluten-Free🌾 Cruelty-Free🐇

Shades: (L-R) Sugar Buns, Chai, Hot Tomato

Swatches: (L-R) Hot Tomato, Chai, Sugar Buns

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