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Bite Beauty Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick, Review

Bite Beauty Power Move Lipstick Review

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To a makeup lover there is nothing more exciting than a new product launch. Ever since my beloved Amuse Bouche line was discontinued (right when the brand went 100% vegan), I was anticipating a replacement. Finally, a year later, Bite Beauty released a new line called Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick. In this post we are going to talk all about it, as well as do a mini comparison analysis.

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About the Product

Bite Beauty Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick (28 USD; Made in USA) - is the latest release from the brand, described as a hydrating soft-matte lipstick with a lasting lightweight color. Available in 20 shades.

Packaging: staying true to its signature style, Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick tube is pretty much identical to the original Amuse Bouche. It is that same curved lipstick cap in a soft rubber bullet, except now it has a bigger baby pink logo and color-matching sticker on the bottom (which is an improvement from the previous line). Overall, I do enjoy this packaging a lot, except one thing. The rubber will get sticky over time (which is something that happens to any packaging of this kind).

Shade: Sugar Buns

Formula & Texture: now, this might be the juiciest bit of the review. What is new about this formula and how does it compare to Amuse Bouche? Frankly, these two lipsticks are a world apart and here is why.

What I loved the most about the discontinued formula was its creamy, uber pigmented texture and comfortable, long-lasting wear. It had more of that natural/satin, color-saturated finish with a soft sheen (and a slightly sweet taste to it). Having said that, Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick is quite different. Aside from the fact that it is now vegan, it also has a powdery texture with a true matte finish. I would say that this matte is still on a creamy side, however, it is not that hydrating. I actually find that the brand's Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayons (reviewed here) are closer in feel/look to Amuse Bouche, than the new lipstick.


Cocoa Butter and Tapioca Pearls with Fatty Acid Waxes


I must admit I was a bit disappointed to see Dimethicone and other types of silicone being listed as the top ingredients here. I personally find silicones to be quite drying on my already dry skin (and lips). I hoped to see more lip-conditioning and soothing ingredients instead.

Shelf life is only six months, which is not much compared to eighteen months that you normally get from other vegan brands.

Vegan🌱 Gluten-Free🌾 Cruelty-Free🐇

Shades: (L-R) Sugar Buns, Chai, Hot Tomato

Swatches: (L-R) Hot Tomato, Chai, Sugar Buns

As always, all of my swatches are unedited and shot in natural daylight

Scent: I detect some very faint vanilla/oat notes, yet nothing strong or overpowering (I do miss the old fruity scent though)

Application: true to Bite Beauty high quality standards, this lipstick applies like a dream without dragging or accentuating lip lines. Product can stick to drier areas though, which is quite normal for a matte formula. This is why a good prep is key: scrub and moisturize your lips beforehand for ultimate results.

Finish: velvety smooth, powdery matte lips. I feel like deeper and brighter shades look best in this finish. My favorite is Hot Tomato, a stunning blue-toned red.

Wear: I find Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick to be pretty comfortable during its first hour of wear. It is weightless and does not have much color transfer. But with my naturally dry lips, this lipstick can feel a touch dehydrating over time. This is why I love adding the brand's Yaysayer Plumping Lip Gloss or any other lip balm on top of it. Longevity is impressive, I find that this product lasts for up to 5-6 hours and does require minimal touch ups after eating.

Bite Beauty Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick Review

Shades: Hot Tomato, Chai, Sugar Buns


Although I do miss the old Bite Beauty lipstick, I have to say the brand did a great job creating this unique and 100% vegan "powdery" matte formula. It is user friendly in application and wears nicely throughout the day. As I have mentioned earlier, I do think brighter and deeper shades look best in this finish and if you are a fan of a bold, soft matte pout - look this way. I think this is a much better alternative to a liquid lipstick, which I find to be so drying and uncomfortable. Power Move Soft Matte Lipstick has so many wonderful shades to choose from and will be loved the most by beauties that crave that sheen- and shine-free velvety lipstick effect. Great for fall/winter season. If you have dry lips like I do, make sure to add a balm or gloss for a more comfortable wear. This product launch gets B from me.

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