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Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Collection, Review

Lisa Eldridge Makeup

pure makeup heaven


Lisa Eldridge, aka one of the best makeup artists in the World (aka my idol/someone I want to hug in real life/source of continuous life and work inspiration), has recently launched her spring-summer collection featuring brand new products: blushes and highlighters (as well as some gorgeous new lipsticks and glosses). If you are just as invested in the beauty industry as I am, then I can tell you are already excited for this review.

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Every product reviewed is cruelty-free🐇 gluten-free🌾and vegan🌱

Elevated Glow Highlighter

Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter Review

Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter (£27; Made in Italy) - is described as a skin-adaptive, glowy and seamless skincare/makeup hybrid highlighter that feels lightweight and looks flattering in all lighting. Available in four shades.

This highlighter comes in a beautiful glass bottle, containing 13 ml/ 0.43 fl.oz. of product. You do work with a rather chunky doe-foot applicator, with an oval-shaped "reservoir" in the middle that picks up most of the product. I do have a small issue with the liquid sometimes collecting around the mouth of the bottle, but other than that I love everything about the look and feel of Elevated Glow Highlighter.

In this post I feature Crystal Nebula, which is a light-golden champagne shade designed for light skin tones. It has a beautiful "lit from within" quality to it, appearing almost wet on my complexion. Upon closer inspection, you do see some pretty, micro shimmering pearls. Little goes a long way with this formula, you can easily use less or add more for that beaming glow that will shine bright for the stars.

As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited (shot in daylight)

On the skin Elevated Glow Highlighter feels weightless, yet nourishing at the same time (thanks to Tamarind Indica, Oat Kernel Extracts and Glycerin). This is a fantastic option for beauties of a particular age since Lisa has used what they call a Filmexcel biopolymer technology here, that is supposed lift, tighten and smooth your skin (as well as protect it from pollution and environmental skin aggressors). It sets within 2-3 minutes, without leaving harsh lines or accentuating pores or texture.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy with the results Elevated Glow Highlighter gives me: ethereal, luminous and flawless complexion. It lasts up to 5-6 hours on me, before it begins to fade away gradually, which is something I truly appreciate in a cream product. I have tried a plethora of liquid highlighters in my reviewing years, however, nothing really comes close to this guy. A++

Enlivening Blush

Lisa Eldridge Enlivening Blush Review

Lisa Eldridge Enlivening Blush (£24; Made in Italy) - is described as an innovative skincare/makeup formula that provides translucent "blushing from within" effect with a natural finish. Available in six shades.

Now, this blush sold out within the first day of pre-sale. Luckily, I managed to get my hands on three shades called Pink Poetry (warm-toned bright pink), Mountain Walk (blue-based raspberry pink) and Dante's Dream (tawny rosewood). The latter one is my personal favorite as it is the most unique and flattering blush shade that I own in my collection.

Every Enlivening Blush comes in a sleek, white tube with a see-through neck. This detail is genius, as you can easily distinguish between different colors, even if you own more than one of these. The tube itself feels like something from a painter's kit (as you know I illustrate and this packaging is dear to my heart as it reminds me of actual tubes of acrylic paint). Although it looks dainty, you do get 15 ml/ 0.5 fl.oz. of product here, which means one tube is going to last you forever.

As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited (shot in daylight)

Right to left: Mountain Walk, Pink Poetry, Dante's Dream

As far as application goes, your fingertips are your best friends. Little goes such a long way, you need less than this emoji-sized amount 😍. From my experience, I find that it is preferable to work from the back of your hand (almost treating it as a palette) and warm up the blush first before applying it to the skin. This way you can gradually build up the color without trespassing the matryoshka doll territory.

I have also noticed that Enlivening Blush formula will differ slightly, depending on the shade (because of the pigments used I guess). Dante's Dream is the creamiest, most emollient one out of the three that I own, whereas Pink Poetry feels a bit more like a smooth paste. They all blend out effortlessly and perfectly, having the same skin-like, watercolor/cloudy finish. Again, formula-wise, I can think of no dupes (and I am a cream blush fanatic).

Final Thoughts

Enlivening Blush is everything I want in a blush and more: pigmented, user-friendly, buildable, uber natural and flattering on the skin. It never accentuates dryness, texture or pores. Lasts beautifully throughout the day, but can be rubbed off slightly with a face mask (in this case, just keep one of these in your handbag for quick touch ups). It looks absolutely gorgeous in real life and I highly recommend checking it out if you love a good cream/liquid blush! A++

Lipsticks & Glosses

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick Review

Lisa Eldridge Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour (£26; Made in Italy) - are Lisa's semi-sheer, hydrating lipsticks with a satin finish that are typically released during spring/summer months. This year Lisa gifted us six, never-seen-before shades, which was mega exciting.

Exquisite golden lipstick tubes with a magnetic closure and Lisa's amazing logo engraved at the top. This has to be my favorite lipstick packaging, as it is vintage yet modern at the same time.

Unlike the brand's original satin-matte lipstick, this formula does feel a lot more balmy and creamy. Colors do appear a touch deeper in the tube, compared to when they are applied. You can easily build up the intensity by layering more product. Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colour glides on like a true dream and feels mega comfortable on the lips. Due to its sheer nature, this lipstick does wear off quicker, so make sure to carry the bullet in your handbag for re-application (which is so easy, you can do it without a mirror in the back of a taxi).

Speaking of which... the shade I was mostly interested in was Dance Card (peachy-pink coral), as it seems to be a substitute for a very much beloved Go Lightly (if you are an Audrey Hepburn fan, you do the math). It is a replica of one of the late 50s, early 60s shades from Lisa's vintage collection and if you know me - I am the biggest fan of that era. Dance Card is now my go-to, everyday shade and I must admit that I bought an extra tube of it, just because I am paranoid of running out.

As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited (shot in daylight)

Right to left: Dance Card, Kitten Mischief

Another shade that I got is called Kitten Mischief (buttery caramel pink), which is a livelier version of my actual lip color. It looks incredibly flattering on the lips, making them look juicier and smoother. And kissable (wink wink).

Last but not least I want to give an honorable mention to the brand's Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss (£18; Made in Italy), which has been a life-savior during colder months of the year. This time around Lisa has launched four new shades which you can see here.

Similarly to lipsticks, these glosses too come in uber chic tubes with golden caps and famous monogram.

Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Review

Shade: Go Lightly

If you are a gloss girl or boy and want more than just a pretty color to grace your lips, Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss might become your BFF. Unlike a regular gloss, it is made of delicious and nourishing oils and butters that comfort your lips for many, many hours (even when the color is no longer there, your lips will remain feeling hydrated and soft). Plus this formula adds a beautiful, kiss me more lacquered touch to your lips, which is priceless (as it works every time, wink wink).

Both lipsticks and lip glosses do not have a fragrance or flavor to them.

Wearing Dante's Dream blush, Crystal Nebula highlighter, Dance Card lipstick

Final Thoughts

Some of the best lip products ever invented, right here. I am always amazed at how Lisa manages to create these unique undertones and finishes. We are so lucky to live at the same time with one-of-a-kind creatives like her. Needless to say I am a number one fan and highly recommend these.

A (million times) +

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