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Laura Mercier RoseGlow Liquid Highlighter, Review

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Liquid Highlighter Review

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It is 2024 and one of the major trends is healthy, radiant skin. While we may have stepped away from the allure of the metallic highlighters, the love for glow remains. In this post, we will chat about one of the prettiest highlighter releases by Laura Mercier.

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About the Product

Laura Mercier Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter (40 USD; Made in Italy) - is described as a long-lasting liquid highlighter that feels lightweight and adds radiance to your complexion.

Shades: currently available in three shades (Champagne Pink, Gold Glow, Peach Bronze). The tones sit in a neutral zone, without being overly warm or cool. Given the product’s blendable nature, it runs on a sheer yet buildable side. You can still see your skin shine through, which makes the Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter appear extra natural (yet still noticeable).

Packaging: a slim tube with a sponge tip applicator that can be twisted on or off in between uses. With the delicate packaging of this kind it is easy to squeeze out more product than needed, so remember to be gentle and lock your Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter to avoid leakage. You get 12 ml/0.4 fl oz worth of product.

Formula: this is a water-based formula rich in Mica and Glycerin, which ensures the product’s smooth glide and comfortable wear. Color-wise, the brand describes this blend as a unique mix of pearls that adjusts to different complexions.

Texture: silky-smooth, blendable, sheer(ish) and weightless.

Shades swatched (L-R): Peach Bronze, Gold Glow, Champagne Pink

Scent: none.

Application: ideally, once you get the product out, dispense it onto the back of your hand and work from there. I would not recommend applying the Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter directly onto the face for two reasons - you can accidentally lift the makeup underneath it or get the sponge applicator dirty (after multiple uses).

Once applied, you have about a minute to blend the product out before it sets. It is a good idea to work one step at a time. From my experience, it is quite easy to both blend and layer the Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter. A dampened sponge or fingertips are your best friends here.

You can wear your favorite highlighter shade mixed with the foundation, on top of it, or by itself for that “no makeup” makeup look. I find that this formula plays well with powder textures, however, I would still recommend applying your liquid makeup first (powder second).

Personal tip

Be gentle with the pressure you apply to squeeze the product out. In case of building the glow level up, let the first layer set before adding more. For the most eye-deceiving result, apply the Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter before bronzer and blush.

Finish: radiant, lit-from-within glow that is flattering and natural (think pearlescent vs metallic). Shades adjust to the skin tone nicely, you can’t see where the product begins or ends.

Wear: this formula glides on like a dream, without accentuating texture, lines, or pores. It wears well for up to 8 hours without creasing or getting patchy. It even survives intense and sweaty workouts. You may expect minor fading towards the end of the day (just like with most liquid highlighters) yet nothing extreme.

Laura Mercier Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter Review


If you love the sophisticated “bridal” glow (even on a daily), look no further. Laura Mercier created something magical here. This must be one of the most impactful yet natural-looking and flattering highlighter formulations I have tried in a while. What is even better - this formula is incredibly user-friendly, you can apply it with your eyes closed and still get amazing results. The Rose Glow Liquid Highlighter looks wonderfully radiant in real life and will suit beauties of all ages. I give it an A++.

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