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Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener Concealer, Review

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Brightener Concealer Review

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Whenever there is a new Fenty Beauty launch, I have got to get my hands on it. And after testing the brand’s latest creation called Bright Fix, I figured now was the perfect time to finally discuss it.

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My Skin: dry/sensitive; light-neutral

Shade Match: Fenty Beauty 150 (Pro Filt’r Foundation), 190 (Pro Filt'r Concealer) & 2 (Eaze Drop)

About the Product

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener Concealer (25 USD; Made in Italy) – is described as a sheer/buildable coverage under-eye corrector, concealer and brightener that works best for “no makeup” looks.

Packaging: similarly to everything the brand comes out with, the design is spot on. Practical, dainty, portable and durable (plus it looks hella cute). Bright Fix comes in a squeeze tube with a clear “ball” type of an applicator. You get10 ml/ 0.34 fl.oz. of product. The only problem is that it is quite easy to squeeze more concealer that you need, so be mindful of that.

Formula: unlike its sibling, Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer, this formula is enriched with a few skincare ingredients such as Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Urea and Sodium Hyaluronate that are supposed to hydrate and nourish the skin. Essentially this is a water-based yet dimethicone-heavy hybrid, which explains the silky nature of Bright Fix.

Vegan🌱 Gluten-Free🌾 Cruelty-Free🐇

Texture: serum-like, weightless and thin. Appears quite creamy and pigmented initially, however, sheers out to the max when it is blended. Shimmer-free, natural skin finish.

Scent: extremely faint, barely detectable scent similar to that of Eaze Drop. Fragrance is not listed as an ingredient.

Application: if you are unfamiliar with the brand’s Eaze Drop (sheer skin tint), I suggest you stop for a minute and read that review first (click here). The reason being, Bright Fix is an under-eye brightener designed to complement the skin tint. Both products are geared towards people, who want to sport that effortless “no makeup” makeup look.

This is why, both application and feel of the new product are extremely similar to that of Eaze Drop: best applied and blended out with fingers (I do not think you need the actual ball applicator). In this sense it is uber user-friendly. If you choose to build it up, give the first layer a moment to set before adding more product.

Bright Fix is not meant to be used on the rest of the face like a traditional concealer and I can see why - it barely has any coverage, but then again is quite skin brightening, which makes me think that certain shades can be used for highlighting purposes.

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener Concealer