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Dior Backstage Concealer, Review

Dior Backstage Concealer Review

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I'll say it - I have a thing for Dior. History, fashion, and most of all beauty. As of late, the brand's "Backstage" range has been the most popular line within the designer makeup niche and we finally have something that we have all been waiting for - the new Backstage Concealer. We all enjoy the Backstage Foundation, but is this concealer just as good?

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My Skin: dry, sensitive

About the Product

Dior Backstage Foundation

Dior Backstage Foundation

Dior Backstage Concealer (29 USD; Made in France) - is the brand's newest concealer that claims to deliver waterproof, crease-proof full coverage with a radiant finish. It also promises to de-puff and energize the under-eye. Available in 22 shades.

Packaging: true to Dior style, this product comes in a chic, mattified/rubber plastic tube. The silver cap has the brand's logo engraved on top of it. Unlike any other concealer, this one has a brush applicator. In theory, it should allow a precise application. You get 11 ml/ 0.37 fl oz, which is a generous amount for the price compared to other brands. For example, you pay 31 USD for the NARS Radiant Creamy and you only get 6 ml/ 0.22 fl oz.

Formula: this is a water-based formula, rich in various types of silicones and Glycerin (which retains moisture). Skincare ingredients such as Shea Butter and Caffeine find themselves at the mid-end of the ingredients list, which means their actual content is low.

Texture: the consistency of the Backstage Concealer is quite creamy. It spreads out with ease and has a natural, radiant skin finish.

Coverage: even though it is labeled as full-coverage formula, to me it is more medium-buildable. If you wish to apply the Backstage Concealer lightly, for that "no makeup" makeup appearance, you can easily do that by applying less and spreading the product out more. I would say it is surprisingly flexible. It does a good job at covering pigmentation and redness but might need an extra coat to hide an angrier breakout.

Scent: as with most designer makeup, this product is scented. Think the original Backstage Foundation. I enjoy this scent, as it reminds me a lot of my favorite Miss Dior perfume. It is not overpowering, however, if you are sensitive to fragrance in makeup/skincare, especially around the eyes you might want to avoid this one.

Application: although the brush is quite cute and dainty, which means it can reach any area of the face, I would suggest blending the Backstage Concealer with either a separate brush, sponge, or even your fingertips. This formula sets relatively fast, so sometimes it is advisable to work one area at a time. It might crease a bit on me initially (any concealer does, to be honest). When that happens I simply wipe away any excess product with a q-tip and that does the trick for me.

With my dry skin, I don't feel the need to set this concealer with powder. It has a beautiful radiant sheen to it, which does not appear greasy or oily. In fact, it looks like you have got the loveliest, healthiest complexion naturally. It does a decent job at smoothing the look of pores, toning down redness, and gliding over any drier bits of texture. Not cakey or drying.

Wear: even without any powder or primer, the Backstage Concealer feels light as air and wears incredibly well throughout the day. It survives humidity and heat, which is fantastic. I would say that the Backstage Foundation behaves equally as well in a hot climate. It might get a bit shiny as the day goes by, but that does not bother me. If you have more of a combination/oily skin type, make sure to set it with powder and you should be good to go. I do not think it does anything as far as depuffing goes.

who is going to like it

This flexible formula should work nicely for almost all skin types, especially normal and dry. A great option for beauties of a particular age as well, as it is quite effortless and forgiving on the skin.

My only complaint would be a slight lack of shades. I think that Dior need to add more undertones and in-between shades to make this line truly universal for all.


Was it worth the wait? Absolutely! Four years in the making, but Dior did a fantastic job formulating this little guy and I will gladly repurchase it once I run out. Great for everyday wear or extra glam looks. Easy to use, easy to wear. What not to love? I am here to say that the Backstage Concealer is worth the hype and for that reason, I give it A+.

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