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BECCAlight Shifter Dewing Tint & Finishing Veil, Review

Beccalight Shifter Collection Review

for the love of glow


I am all about that “dewy skin” life, which is why I am so excited about today’s post – we will be chatting about the newest BECCAlight Shifter collection.

Curious? Then please keep on scrolling

My Skin: dry, sensitive (tone - light-neutral)

Beccalight Shifter Dewing Tint Review

Dewing Tint

BECCAlight Shifter Dewing Tint (30 USD; Made in Italy) – is described as a “tinted moisturizer” with a sheer, dewy and luminous finish.

Packaging: housed in a portable squeeze tube, this tint has a modern and user-friendly packaging with a see-through brand logo that allows you to peek at an actual liquid inside the tube. You get 1.0 fl.oz/ 30 ml of product here, which is a pretty standard amount.

Formula: Dewing Tint can be described as a skincare/makeup hybrid as it has a water-based, antioxidant-rich formula infused with Glycerin, Squalane, Vitamin E, Crystalized Licorice, Shea Butter and Camellia Leaf Extract (aka Green Tea). Having so many nourishing ingredients in it, this product feels hydrating and weightless on the skin. It should also protect you from environmental stressors, pollution and blue light (yes please!).

Cruelty-Free🐇 Gluten-Free🌾 Vegan🍃

Texture: Dewing Tint has a beautiful balmy gel texture to it. Although initially tinted, once you blend it in, you are left with a pearlized glow (glitter-, shimmer-free) and hardly noticeable color that sheers out to the max.

All of my swatches are raw, unedited and shot in natural daylight

Coverage, Shades: firstly, the term “tinted moisturizer” is used a touch loosely here. Because of the product’s extremely sheer nature you might not get a lot of coverage (if any). However, having 8 shades (all the way from fair to deep) allows you to find a match that suits your complexion and undertone best. Often times luminous products like this can translate either too ashy or warm depending on your skin tone, so it is amazing that Becca Cosmetics (being an inclusive brand) have thought about giving us a variety of flexible shades to choose from.

Application: this product is best applied with fingers, which should also be the quickest/easiest way to use it. Since Dewing Tint is quite glowy, I would not recommend overindulging in it (no matter how tempting it might be), because in my opinion it looks best when you use less of it. If you keep on adding more, you will not build up coverage, but might end up looking a touch too luminous (borderline greasy, especially if you have combination/oily skin type).

I believe that there are four key ways in which you can use this luminous gem:

1. Mixed in with foundation to alter the finish of it and make it dewier;

2. Paired with a concealer for glowy, “no makeup” complexion;

3. On high points of the face to catch the light;

4. As an illuminating primer underneath a light-medium coverage foundation.

Beccalight Shifter Dewing Tint Review

Wear: Dewing Tint requires about 2 minutes to fully set and similarly to a lightweight gel moisturizer, it does not feel dry or sticky to the touch, yet adds another hydrating layer that is weightless and (here comes an added bonus) allows other makeup formulas (cream or powder) to blend easily on top of it.

Since it is so sheer, it stays put quite well and does not really wear off during the day, but might get dewier as the time goes by. Naturally, having either concealer or foundation layered on top of it, will give you an actual coverage and extend the wear time.

Finish: naturally glowing, dewy skin that is full of life and radiance. From my experience Dewing Tint did not accentuate texture or pores.

Who is going to like it

Dewing Tint will be loved the most by beauties with normal, normal-dry, dry skin types. If you are very dry, you might want to exfoliate and hydrate well beforehand to achieve best results.

I do not think this will be a massive hit among beauties with combination or oily skin types though, unless you set it with a mattifying powder (which kind of defeats the purpose).

Final Thoughts

Personally speaking, I adore Dewing Tint and see myself getting a lot of use out of it. This product can be compared to Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (review here) which is a staple in my makeup collection. Between the two, I would say that Becca Cosmetics version actually has amazing ingredients as well as more of that glow “wow!” factor to it. Plus, it is less expensive for the same amount of product ($30 vs $44). Charlotte Tilbury offers 12 shades, 4 more than Becca Cosmetics, but a lot of them are not too dissimilar from each other.

If you like ambiguous yet amazing products of this kind, that can be used in multiple ways, you will love Dewing Tint. I give it A+

Beccalight Shifter Finishing Veil Review

Finishing Veil

BECCAlight Shifter Finishing Veil (34 USD; Made in Italy) – is a pressed powder that claims to give your skin a satin, smooth and filtered finish.

Packaging: this must be my favorite design from Becca Cosmetics; with a mirror-like lid and magnetic closure this compact simply oozes luxury. Love this ultra-modern design as it is sleek and light enough for on the go. Powder itself is pressed pretty tight, similarly to most baked formulas, so it should survive well through travels.

Formula, Texture: like the Dewing Tint, this powder too has some beautiful ingredients in it including Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Licorice and Green Tea. Finishing Veil feels uber smooth to the touch and does not have any kick up. Extremely weightless, breathable and sheer. Never feels drying, cakey or chalky. There are some barely noticeable pearlized particles in it, but nothing chunky or glittery.

Cruelty-Free🐇 Gluten-Free🌾 Vegan🍃

All of my swatches are raw, unedited and shot in natural daylight

Coverage, Shades: this is a very sheer finishing powder in a pressed form. Although it does not give any coverage, these 6 shades (from fair to deep) should work great across a range of different skin tones.

Application: Finishing Veil is milled to perfection and pressed quite well, so I would recommend using a densely packed brush to achieve best results. Having more bristles should allow you to pick up more product and also speed up application process. This powder is lovely for setting an under-eye concealer, because it won’t add or accentuate texture, yet will prevent concealer from creasing or transferring. I find that it actually does a nice job at semi-blurring and making your complexion look that extra bit smooth.

Wear, Finish: having a natural finish with a satin glow (no shimmer or glitter here), Finishing Veil sets your makeup in the most undetectable way possible. Best for people, who want to let the skin/foundation shine through, yet without adding any extra coverage. Since it does not mattify, complexion might get dewier throughout the day. It also does not affect longevity or overall wear of your base products.

Beccalight SHifter Finishing Veil Review

Who is going to like it

Despite the fact that this powder will complement Dewing Tint extremely well, you can enjoy Finishing Veil on its own or paired with any other makeup you already use and love. If you have been on a hunt for a light as air, pressed finishing powder, one that sets makeup lightly but doesn’t dull down the luminosity you get from other products (be it an illuminating foundation, primer or even liquid highlighter), then you might really like it. Best for normal, normal-dry and especially dry skin types.

Since it is not designed for mattifying or keeping your base in place, it might not work that well for beauties with combination or oily skin types, as it will not be as oil-absorbing throughout the day as an actual loose setting powder.

Beccalight Shifter Finishing Veil Review

Final Thoughts

For my dry skin needs Finishing Veil works beautifully. I do love a glowy complexion, but I also need to powder down certain areas like the T-zone for example. This formula works great for that as it doesn’t dim the luminosity, that I have achieved using complementing glowing products, yet it adds a soft-focus touch to areas that need it. Definitely not one size fits all, so if you want something a bit more heavy-duty, you can always opt for a loose powder instead (I have some recommendations here). Overall, I give it A

What do you guys think about this new collection? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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