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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, Review

hollywood flawless filter charlotte tilbury review

“There is nothing more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her own perfect imperfection”


Although technically it is not a new release, many of you guys kept bombarding me with Instagram DMs, asking to review Hollywood Flawless Filter. Not sure what took me so long, but in this post I am going to finally share all there is to know about this rather unique beauty product and if you are curious to hear more, then please keep on scrolling!

P.S. New to my blog? Hi! I hope you are having a good time so far and if you (just like my OG readers) have product suggestions for my future reviews, please feel free to get in touch via comment section, e-mail or good ol’ Instagram. Always happy to hear from you! Now, back to Charlotte.

About the Product

charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter review

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (44 USD; Made in Italy) is described as “a liquid tinted complexion booster for a superstar youthful glow”. I don’t know who writes all of the marketing slogans and product descriptions for Charlotte, but hey! As someone with a background in marketing and advertising, I can tell you - that person is a genius.

Packaging: sleek, nicely weighted glass bottle with a signature rose-gold cap; the product is distributed with an oversized doe-foot applicator (think Shape Tape). While I really enjoy how the bottle sits on my vanity table, I do not necessarily think that this is a travel-friendly packaging.

Formula, Texture: this might be the most intriguing part of the review. I hear many of you asking “so, what is a liquid tinted complexion booster?”. Initially I had no clue either. Not really a primer, not really a tinted moisturizer. Then, what is it? Certainly not a one-trick-pony.

Have you ever dreamed about having that three-in-one product that hydrates, gives your skin ethereal glow and adds a bit of coverage all at the same time? Well, Hollywood Flawless Filter is nothing but a genie in a bottle, that is going to grant you all three makeup wishes mentioned above.

Please click on images to zoom in

As always, all of my swatches are unedited and raw (no added saturation, brightness or any other tricks here, baby!)

Texture feels lightweight and creamy; there is no scent to it. Every shade has got a pearlescent touch to it, which will vary depending on the undertone you choose to go for. You might not notice it from basic hand swatches, but on the face – it really does add a light coverage; one that will blur and camouflage minor imperfections (crater pores included), all while adding this seductive, faux naiad glow. And hey! No need to enchant sailors with songs; all it takes is a bit of Charlotte’s sorcery.

Colours: available in seven shades (Fair to Dark). Please know that it is advisable to buy this product at the store vs. online. This is one of those cases, where you actually need to compare undertones in person. Example: I have a light-neutral complexion and while I was debating between shades Light and Light/Medium (both looking similar online), colour-difference on my skin in real life was striking. In the end I chose Light. Now, please know that shades run a bit lighter anyway, something done purposefully in order to visually lift and brighten your complexion in the most entrancing (and discreet) way possible.

charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter review

Application: this is when an oversized doe-foot comes in handy – you are able to literally draw lines of where you want to place the product. Hollywood Flawless Filter applicator picks up enough product for an entire face and I do not advise you to be generous with it (unless you want to rock a glazed donut look). Less is more, darling.

There are a few ways to enjoy this product: a. use it as a glowing primer; b. use it as a highlighter; c. mix it with your foundation to tweak its finish. Personally speaking, I love all three.

This formula blends seamlessly with whatever tools you choose to use, even your fingers. It feels instantly hydrating, pore-smoothing and adds a glorious amount of glow. As someone with dry skin, I often mix liquid highlighters with my foundation. This product makes this step even easier, because not only does it prime, but it also adds life to your base. I even use the smallest amount underneath my eyes right before applying corrector, which helps to visually lift and reflect the light (hence distract from possible texture or darkness).

My biggest tip: avoid areas, where you do not want to appear “shiny”. I never place Hollywood Flawless Filter around my nose, chin or underneath cheekbones. Set your base as usual and try to use less powder in areas where you don’t want to dim the glow.

charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter review

Wear: this product behaves incredibly well underneath every foundation (and other products) I have paired it with. Once your base is on, you won’t even be able to tell where it starts or ends, because it camouflages itself really well. Feels weightless all day long. As a highlighter, it does wear off faster (but isn’t that the case with all liquid formulas anyway?), which you can adjust by adding a bit of powder highlighter on top. Overall, I am pleased with just how well it wears.


I had no idea I needed Hollywood Flawless Filter in my life, but now that I have it – I do get the hype 100%. While it is not a total necessity, if creating a flawlessly natural base is a favorite step in your daily makeup routine (as it is for me), then you will fall in love with it. This product adds that perfect je ne sais quoi to every look, no matter how minimalistic or glam. It really acts as a subtle face filter, that enhances your complexion in the softest way possible. Beautifully youthful formula, that will look flattering on beauties of all ages and complexions. Massive A++ from moi.

What do you guys think about this product? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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