Drunk Elephant 'Night Bright' Duo Review

drunk elephant t.l.c. framboos and virgin marula facial oil review

There is so much hype around Drunk Elephant, I felt like I was almost "virtually" bullied into buying this kit. Now, of course I am exaggerating. Frankly speaking, I couldn't wait for my Night Bright Duo to arrive in the mail and after testing it for a few weeks now, I think I am ready to share my thoughts.

About the Brand

As you might already know, Drunk Elephant is a relatively new kid on the "skincare" block and although these products have somewhat a millennial-appealing packaging (fun and quirky), price tags are comparable to some of the high-end niche brands on the market. The question is: are these serious skincare products? Answer is: hell, yes!

Drunk Elephant is one of the "cleanest" brands available; you won't find any nasty ingredients here and more so - these have a great nutritive value. If you think your skin deserves good quality "food", this is a brand to look at. Here is a long blacklist of ingredients, which you won't find in any of Drunk Elephant products.

Night Bright Duo

drunk elephant night bright duo review

Although the brand doesn't give any samples with purchase, they did create a few different deluxe-sized kits for those of us, who prefer to try everything first (and splurge after). Night Bright Duo costs 28 USD and you get 8 ml/ .27 fl.oz of each product here: T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (90 USD) and Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil (72 USD). Both of these products normally come in a 30 ml bottle, so if you do the math: you get a bit less than one-third here (which, compared to most deluxe-sized goodies out there, is actually a good amount).

My skin type/concerns: before we go ahead, I thought I would mention a few words about my skin type and issues that I have. My skin is dry, sensitive and dehydrated. Plus I am prone to texture and clogged pores (did I mention painful hormonal breakouts? well, count them in). I have used AHAs and BHAs in the past and they do work incredibly well for me: skin gets clearer, I don't get as dry/"patchy" and when the time comes - I don't ge